What is seven inches and one fifth subtracted by six inches and two fifths?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What is seven inches and one fifth subtracted by six inches and two fifths?
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How many fifths in seven and one fifth?


What is the answer to this fraction problem seven fifths minus one and one fifth?

1 fifth

What is four plus three and two fifth?

seven and two fifths

What is twenty four fifths times seven thirds?

Twenty-four fifths times seven thirds = eleven and one fifth (11 1/5).

What is a fifth of a yard?

One yard is 36 inches so one-fifth of a yard is 36/5 = 7.2 inches (or seven and one-fifth inches).

What is three and two fifths plus seven plus four and one fifth?

14 and 3/5

What is seven and six fifths equal to?

Since five fifths equal one whole, 6/5 would equal one whole plus one fifth. So 7 plus 1 and one fifth is 8 and 1 fifth or 8 1/5

Is sevenths greater than fifths?

No, one seventh is smaller than a fifth. It is divided seven times while a fifth is only divided five times.

Sales decrease 35 to 28 what is the sales percent?

Reduction is seven thirty-fifths which is one-fifth ie 20%

When was Fifths of Seven created?

Fifths of Seven was created in 2004.

Is five and six tenths greater or less than twenty seven fifths?

five and six tenths = 56/10 twenty seven fifths = 27/5 = 54/10 so answer is yes five and six tenths is greater by two tenths or one fifth

What is seventeen fifths minus twenty seven fifths?

Negative ten fifths.