What is protection mode?

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Well you can have a look at the book named "Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3A"

What do you want to do after knowing this ?

[I then began to program a operating system]

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Q: What is protection mode?
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What is Protection Mode on Computers?

alt+delete+control is proected mode.

What is hardware protection mechanism in operating systems?

CPU protection Memory protection I/O protection Dual mode protection. Research more about these and maybe you will get where you are going.

Is it possible for an amp to go into protection mode from overheating?

yes...yes it is

Where do I buy property protection in Mafia Wars?

the property protection is available on the properties page. at this stage you do not need property protection because the robbing mode is disabled.

Distinction between kernel mode and user mode function as a rudimentary form of protection security system?

The distinction between kernel mode and user mode provides a rudimentary form of protection in the following manner: Certain instructions could be executed only when the CPU is in kernel mode. Similarly, hardware devices could be accessed only when the program is executing in kernel mode. Control over when interrupts could be enabled or disabled is also possible only when the CPU is in kernel mode. Consequently, the CPU has very limited capability when executing in user mode, thereby enforcing protection of critical resources.

What is Hardware protection dual mode operation?

define and explain hardware protectoin

If a pool is in the service mode will it still go automatically into freeze protection mode when it starts freezing?

No, the service mode on A jandy or pentair system, is just that for service the whole system is shut down in service and the equipment can only be turned on manually. So in other words the "freeze" protection has been turned off in the service mode.

How do you turn write protection of a sd card?

Its very simple...You just have to unlock the write protection mode of card reader which you are using for your SD card.

What does a protection diode do?

It will conduct electricity when the voltage across its terminals reaches a certain value. Once the over voltage is extinguished, the protection diode becomes an open circuit again. Therefore, you need to connect a protection diode between both wires to be protected (differential mode) and from each wire to ground (common mode). Protection diodes are primary protection devices (fast reacting), but they cannot handle too much current. That is why they need to be used with secondary protection devices (fuses and gas arrestors) to provide better protection.

How does the distinction between monitor mode and user mode function as form of protection system?

Whenever a trap occurs, the hardware switches from user mode to monitor mode, thus the operating system gains control of the computer. The dual mode operation provides the means of protecting the operating system from errant users, by switching between user mode and monitor mode.

What are rings in Windows NT?

Windows NT uses protection mechanism called rings provides by the process to implement separation between the user mode and kernel mode.

Why does your amp go into protection mode?

This is to prevent damage. You may have something not connected correctly or parts that are not compatible.

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