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Q: What is rational ignorance effect refers to?
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What the meaning of rational?

In mathematics, rational refers to something that can be expressed as a ratio.

How does ignorance effect your act?

close mindedness!

Non rational model of decision making?

Non rational refers to the limitations of knowledge , information

What effect does food colouring have on health?

In rational amounts any proven effect.

What does ignorance refer to in a christmas carol?

In A Christmas Carol By: Charles Dickens Ignorance refers to how Scrooge was very ignorant to other people and how he did not want to listen to what they want to say or receive any information from them.

What is the difference between the placebo effect and nocebo effect?

The "placebo effect" refers to positive benefits from inactive substances. The "nocebo effect" refers to negative effects of inactive substances.

What does it mean when someone refers to another person as rational?

When someone refers to another person as rational that means they are level-headed and that they think things through logically. Irrational person is someone who thinks nothing through and just acts impulsively.

Why were the pre-Islamic Arabs called Ayyam-E-Jahilyya?

Jahilyya refers to the age of ignorance before the revelations to the Prophet Muhammad.

What is halo effect in communication?

'halo effect' refers to the selection and recruitment process

what is the difference between ignorance ang apathy?

The treatment effect is the difference between the observed outcome and the "normal" outcome

Why is q represented for rational numbers not R?

R was used for Real numbers. Q, for rational numbers refers to the fact that it must be possible to express them as quotients [of two integers].

What is the collective noun of ignorance?

There is not specific collective noun for the noun ignorance. The noun ignorance is an uncountable noun; quantities of ignorance are expressed in degrees, for example, some ignorance, much ignorance, total ignorance, etc. A term that expresses ignorance as a collective would be, 'the collective ignorance of a group' or 'the combined ignorance of a group'.