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displacement or distance

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Q: What is represented by the product of velocity and time?
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What is the product of its mass and velocity?

The product of mass and velocity of a body is the 'motion quantity' or'linear momentum' of the body. It is a vector quantity, normally represented by P.P = m∙v

What quantity is represented by the area under a velocity-time curve?


What is represented by an x intercept on a velocity time graph?

If time is the x-axis as expected then the x-intercept would be zero movement of the velocity.

How is deceleration represented on a velocity or time graph?

a negative slope this is for my e2020 home boyz

What is the product of force and velocity?


What is the meaning and formula for deceleration?

Deceleration is the rate of decrease of velocity with respect to time. It is the negative of acceleration. The formula for deceleration is the same as that of acceleration, only that the acceleration is represented as negative. The formula is: - (deceleration) = (final velocity) - (initial velocity) time Therefore, (deceleration) = (initial velocity) - (final velocity) time

How is the velocity-time graph related to the distance traveled?

The product of velocity and time yields distance travelled if the velocity is constant for the time in question. If velocity is not constant, one must first calculate the average velocity over a given time period before multiplying it by the time involved.

How about if the velocity is doubled but the mass remains the same?

Momentum is a simple product of mass time velocity. So if the velocity doubles the momentum doubles.

What is the formula for calculating final velocity when you know the initial speed and the acceleration?

the formula for finding acceleration is final velocity, minus initial velocity, all over time. So if you have the acceleration and initial speed, which is equal to the initial velocity, you must also have time in order to find the final velocity. Once you have the time, you multiply it by the acceleration. That product gives you the difference of the final velocity and initial velocity, so then you just add the initial velocity to the product to find the final velocity.

Is Distance the magnitude of average velocity?

No, distance and average velocity are not the same. Distance is the total amount covered by an object irrespective of direction, while average velocity is the displacement of an object divided by the time taken, taking direction into account.

Velocity is represented graphically by what?

Velocity is the slope of the line on a D-t graph

What is the meaning of the y-intercept in the equation of the line on the velocity-time graph?

It means that the object was travelling away from or towards the point of reference with a velocity represented by the intercept at the start of the measurement, that is, at time t = 0.