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1 and 1 over 16

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Q: What is seven over eight plus three over sixteen?
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What is seven over sixteen minus three over eight?

4 over 8

What is the LCD of 1 over 4 1 over 2 one over sixteen and three over eight?


What is eight over sixteen in simplest form?

Eight over sixteen in simplest form is 1/2

What is the answer to 2 three over eight plus 1 seven over eight?


What do you add to three and three over eight to make seven?

three and 5 over 8 = 7

What is seven over eight minus one over three?

13 over 14

What over eight is sixteen?


What is the reciprocal of three and seven eighths?

eight over thirty one

What is seven over sixteen as a decimal?


What is fifteen over sixteen plus seven over eight?

15/16 + 7/8 is the same as 15/16 + 14/16= 29/16

How much is one and three fourths times one and three fourths?

one and three fourths equals seven fourths. seven fourths times seven fourths is forty nine over sixteen (3 and 1/16)

Is two over sixteen equal to one over eight?

Yes, you are correct.

Is 5 over eight larger than 5 over sixteen?


What is three over five plus six over eight?

one and seven over twenty 1 7/20

What is the answer to five over eight of sixteen?

5/8 of 16 is 10.

What is equivalent to sixteen over three?

5.33... recurring is.

What is three over eight as a decimal?

Three over eight as a decimal is 0.375

What is the quotient of three over eight divided by seven over twelve?

3/8 ÷ 7/12 = 9/14

What is seven over sixteen minus five over eight?

-3/16 since the answer is negative (the second number is larger) and the problem is subtraction you minus the second number from the first then make the answer negative and you have the answer

What is four and three over four plus three and six over sixteen?

two and one eighth

What is seven over eight plus one over three?

The sum of 7/8 and 1/3 is 1 5/24

What is three over sixteen as a decimal?

3/16 = 0.1875

What is twenty seven over sixty three simplifyed?

three over seven

What fraction is greater three over four or seven over eight?

Convert them to the same denominator and the answer to your question will be immediately apparent (assuming you know that six is less than seven).

Is one over three equal to four over eight?

NO one over three is a third and four over eight is a half.