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While many shapes can be divided into more than four equal pieces, the most common shape with that characteristic would be a pentagon, which has five equal pieces, or fifths. Another shape that would be divided into a different amount of equal pieces would be a triangle, with three equal pieces or thirs. And a third would be a hexagon, with six equal pieces, or sixths.

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Q: What is shape not divided by into fourequal pices or fourth?
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What is one-fourth of a shape or number?

When a shape is divided or cut into four equal parts then each part is one forth of a shape. Similarly if you divide a number by four then the answer is one forth of the number.

What is a fourth of a shape or number is called?

A quarter.

In solids particles move back and fourth but do not change?


What is one fourth of a shape or a number called?

a quarter (I think there was a coin called a quarter)

How do you find Star Signs in the night sky?

Star signs are just shapes in the night sky made by stars so for example if you star sing is a pices then you will see the shape of a fish in the night sky! cool isn't it!

Move 2 coins to turn this shape upside down?

first to bottom, fourth to top

Can all qaudrilateral be divided by triangle?

No matter the form a four sided shape can always be divided into two triangles with a single line.

What do you call each quadrant in a square divided into 9 equal parts?

You cannot have a quadrant (a quarter) in a shape that is divided into 9 parts!

What is simatry?

simatry is when a shape can be divided into 2 and look exactly the same

A shape is symmetric if it can be divided so that both sides match?


What is the name of four regions when a shape is divided up?

They are called quadrants

What geometric shape is the volleyball court?

A volleyball court is in the shape of a rectangle, with either side of the court (divided by the net) making a square.

How can you make bald eagle desserts for the Fourth of July?

The easiest is to bake a cake in the shape of an eagle.

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get a wire hanger cut it into 2 u shape pices slot them into the holes on the frunt of radio where the 4 holes are put some presure on them and pull the radio from the tape deck just did this today so i no it works

How can you find density of a solid with a regular shape?

The density of any material thing is (its mass) divided by (its volume), regardless of its shape.

What is the shape of frogs lungs?

It looks like a box divided into 4 sections.

What shape does a hexagon make when cut in half?

If divided by a vertex-to-vertex line, it is an isosceles trapezium. If divided by a line from one side to the opposite side, it will make an irregular pentagon.

Why is Colorado and Wyoming the same shape?

When the states in the west were purchased (the land was) that's the way they divided the land.

What is a shape that is equally divided in half?

A pizza or a triangle if u use a ruler properly

What shape can be divided into three congruent parts A hexagon a triangle a circle or a square?

A circle can.

How do you find the degrees of rotational symmetry?

360 Divided By How Many Sides The Shape Turned.

What are facts about the fourth station of the cross?

the fourth station of the cross is the point given when Jesus carring the patibule of the cross ( wich is the horizontal part that forms the cross shape) meets his sorrowfull mother face to face.

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Eyes, ears, nose and mouth form during the Embryonic period during the fourth week as the head begins to take shape. Also in the fourth week are the first heartbeats.

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A cow's uterus is an irregular shape, but it certainly does not look like a woman's uterus, which is triangle-shaped. A cow's uterus is divided into two "horns" which divide out in a V-shape if looking at the uterus from above.

Is a square a symmetrical shape?

YES!!!!!!!! it can be divided by each side if it goes to the exact oppostie point.