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six twelves as a decimal = 72.0

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Q: What is six twelves as a decimal?
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What does six twelves equal to in decimal form?

it equals 0.5

What is six twelves reduced to?

Six twelves(6/12) is reduced to one half.

What is the decimal for seven twelves?


What is five twelves as a decimal?


What is 9 twelves written as a decimal?

9 twelves = 9 x 12 = 108

Is eight twelves more than five twelves?

no becaue if u divide and get the decimal, eight twelves is .67 and 5 twelves is .42 which is so much less.

How do you write eleven - twelves in decimal?

the answer is this 12.0001

What is nine twelves equal to as a decimal?


What is eight twelves as a decimal?

0.6666 repeating

What is the decimal for eleven twelves?

0.9166 R

What is four and eleven twelves as a decimal?

4.916666 repeating

What is eight twelves converted into a decimal?

.66 repeating