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There can be no solution because there is no equation (or inequality) but only an expression.

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Q: What is solution to L plus U - M plus P?
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Can you explain S equals p plus m and m equals p divided by 5?

The problem as stated does not allow for a solution for the value of S, however, the problem can at least be somewhat simplified. If m = p/5, then p + m can also be written as p + p/5, which simplifies to 1.2p so S = 1.2p

What is m plus N plus p equals p plus n plus m?

It would be the same number either way because its addition.

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H plus e plus l plus p?


Is perimeter length plus length plus width plus width?

P=2L+2W or P= L+L+W+W In conclusion, yes it does.

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What is L plus L plus C equals P?

A little more info would be nice but as it stands your equation is 2L + C = P

How do you make x the subject of m equals n plus (x over p)?

If: m = n+x/p then x = p(m-n)

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