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The frequencies on which sonar is used vary widely. Human hearing is usually cited as ranging as from 20 cycles per second (Hertz) to 20,000 cycles per second. There are many sonars that use frequencies in the 20 to 20,000 Hertz range. In general, the sonars that are used for short range underwater applications operate on a slightly higher frequency than those that are designed to look over long distances. But there are a lot of sonars which use frequencies far outside the range of human hearing. Medical imaging is the most popular use of sonar. The range of frequencies used by these devices range from 2 million cycles per second to 18 million cycles per second. These frequencies are far above what humans can hear.

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Q: What is sonar frequency?
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What does LFAS stand for?

Low Frequency Active Sonar

Why do narwhals communicate?

because they have high frequency sonar pings

What is the maximum frequency of a sonar before it effects wildlife?

The freqeuncy (or pitch) of the sonar is not generally the factor which is likely to effect wildlife, but the amplitude (how loud it is).

Are pink dolphins and submarines the same because they use the same sonar?

Though they both use SONAR (SOund Navigation And Ranging) to navigate, submarines and marine mammals that use sonar are both very different in how they use it.Marine mammal sonar uses a much higher frequency than submarine active sonar systems transmit at. Also, submarines rarely use active sonar due to the fact it immediately gives away your location and range to an enemy. Marine mammals use their active sonar constantly to navigate through the water, communicate, and to find food, while passive sonar is the primary means of submarine navigation.Dolphin sonar sounds like a fast clicking sound, with occasional high frequency "squeals", similar to a dog toy, though at a much higher frequency range. The frequency is high enough that it must be demodulated by special equipment to a lower frequency to really hear it. Usually when submarines go to periscope depth, dolphins set off the torpedo warning alarms since their frequency is at a similar range. As a former Submarine Sonarman, I can also say that it also drives you nuts, especially when there's a whole group of them around the boat.

What are the three parameters of sound that can be measured by the SONAR?

Return timeAmplitudeDoppler frequency shift

How is SONAR used to determine the depth of Oceans and Seas?

SONAR sends high frequency sound-waves that bounce back when they hit something. The strength of the signal is how far away it is.

Why is nthe speed of a sonar signal inwater with the frequency of 1000 hz and a wavelength of 1.5m?

The familiar formula for finding the speed of wave right from its frequency and wavelength is c = nu lambda. nu is the frequency and lambda is the wavelength. So in this case speed of sonar signal = 1000 x 1.5 = 1500 m/s.

Sonar machines rely on which property of sound waves?

frequency?diffusion?refraction?reflection? QDA SUCKS!

How do bats hunt for insects?

Bats locate flying insects by emitting high frequency sounds and listening to the echoes. It is a form of sonar.

What do scientists use to map the ocean floor?

sonarthey use a sonarLIDAR or Sonara sonarSONAR sends out ultrasonic sounds to the bottom of the sea and analyses how they bounce backsonarSonar.with sonarby using soundwaves that create a image based off of the height of the objectBathymetric sonar and LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging).Side-scan sonarA sonar

Can a sonar machine identify the object showing up on the sonar?

Sonar (which stands for SOund NAvigation and Ranging) can be made to identify the object it pings on - if active sonar; if passive sonar, identify the object making the sound it picks up. The higher the frequency of the active sonar ping, the better the resolution - but the shorter the range. At higher resolutions, it is not hard for the sonar to identify the object it pings on. At lower frequencies, the range is greater but it is harder for the sonar to identify what is being pinged. Another benefit of active sonar is the range and direction of the target can be discerned. Passive sonar just listens to the ambient water. Identification of the sound source can be made if the frequencies of the target making the sound are known and identified in a database. One problem with passive sonar is that it is hard to know the range of the target making the sound, although the direction will be known. Water temperature and depth have a great effect on sonar, so this must be taken into account when calculating distance. Sonar is used in the Military, Geological Surveying, and the Medical field.

Which method of studying the ocean floor gives some degree of proximity but is efficient in terms of time as well?

sonar sonar sonar sonar SONAR

Which is more expensive a boat with sonar or a satellite with sonar?

sattelite with sonar

What are some negative effects of sonar?

Some negative effects of sonar are that marine animals like whales and dolphins are being effected and not being able to use their sonar very well. It is proven that the reason whales "beach" is because the tests of low-frequency sonar's mess up the hearing of whales and make them lose their sense of direction.

What is the speed of a sonar signal in the water with a frequency of 1000 Hz and a wavelength of 1.5 m?

Any wave in any medium, if its frequency is 1000 Hz and its wavelength is 1.5 m, is propagating at 1,500 meters per second.

What has the author David C Dye written?

David C. Dye has written: 'High frequency sonar components of normal and hearing impaired dolphins'

Is there such thing as sensors that pick up ultrasonic frequencies?

Yes there is. They're commonly known as sonar sensors. Sonar sensors are usually a coupled device which emitt and receive high frequency sound waves and can be used to detect objects within a close proximity.

What do bats have sonar or radar?


Do bats have sonar or radar?


What is the full word for sonar?


Does the Arctic fox use sonar?

No, the Arctic fox does not use sonar. It is not equipped with sonar.

What does sonar measure?

Sonar is measured in sound

How do you use sonar frequency or any idea about making circuit of it?

i'll tell you how! YOU put the lime in the cocanut and shake it all up! (koolaid-s- O.e)

What is a sentence for sonar?

In the mountains i detect a rock with my SONAR.

Why is sonar an acronym?

SONAR=Sound Navigation And Ranging