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[The sqrt(3)+sqrt(2)]/sqrt(6)
can be solved by multiply the numerator and denominator by sqrt(6)

This gives sqrt(18)+sqrt(12)/6
This can be simplified to

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Q: What is sqrt3 plus sqrt2 divided by sqrt 6?
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Does Sqrt3 over 3 equal 1 over sqrt3?

Yes. sqrt(3)/3 = sqrt(3)/[sqrt(3)*sqrt(3)] = 1/sqrt(3)

Which expression is a fourth root of negative 1 plus sqrt3?


How many irrational numbers are there between sqrt2 and sqrt3?

Infinitely many. In fact, the number of irrationals in any interval - no matter how small - is infinite. Furthermore, the cardinality of the set of irrationals in any interval is greater than the cardinality of rational numbers in total!

How can I solve tan of 3 theta -sqrt of 3 equals 0 for theta?

tan3A-sqrt3=0 tan3A=sqrt3 3A=tan^-1(sqrt3) 3A= pi/3+npi A=pi/9+npi/3 n=any integer

What is the geometric mean and the arithmetic mean of 7 x sqrt3 and 21 x sqrt3?

The arithmetic mean is simply (7+21)sqrt(3)/2 = 14sqrt(3) = 24.25 (to 2 d.p.) The geometric mean is sqrt [ 7sqrt(3) x 21sqrt(3) ] = sqrt [ 7 x 21 x 3 ] = sqrt [21 x 21] = 21

One divided by five plus the sqrt of six?

1/(5+sqrt(6)) is equal to about .134237

What is the square root of 3 times the negative square root of 3?

sqrt 3/sqrt3 = 1

Integrate sqrt of 10000 divided by pi minus x squared plus sqrt of pi plus one twentieth and show work?

It's about 34 and a third

What is 2 times the square root of 2 then squared?

2 sqrt 2 x 2 sqrt2 = 4 x 2 = 8

What is 5 plus the square root of 5 divided by 2?

(5 + sqrt(5)) / 2 = 3.61803399

What is the square root of A squared B plus the square root of A B squared divided by the square root of AB?

The question is ambiguous because it could refer to [sqrt(A2B) + sqrt(AB2)]/sqrt(AB) = [A*sqrt(B) + B*sqrt(A)]/[sqrt(A)*sqrt(B)] = A/sqrt(A) + B/sqrt(B) = sqrt(A) + sqrt(B) or sqrt(A2B) + sqrt(AB2)/sqrt(AB) = A*sqrt(B) + B*sqrt(A)/[sqrt(A)*sqrt(B)] = A*sqrt(B) + B/sqrt(B) = A*sqrt(B) + sqrt(B) = sqrt(B)*(1 + A)

What is the sqaure root of 72?

The square root of 72 is 6x(sqrt2). You can find this by breaking 72 down into its prime factors (2x6x6 or 2x62). You can then take the square root of each part which means the 62 will become 6 and then because the sqrt2 is an irrational number it is left under the sqrt sign.