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A quadratic equation (t=s2+3). This kind of line will result in a parabola like curve.

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Q: What is t equals s squared plus 3?
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What is the value of the expression r2 plus s3 when are equals 2 and s equals 3?

2 squared is 4 3 cubed is 27 27 plus 4 is 31

If p squared equals s plus 5 how do you express s in terms of p?

s = p^2 - 5 *also, p = sqrt (s+5)

What Does A equals S Squared Stand For?

A = S squared is the formula for area of a square A = area S = lenght of side

If you have n plus 12 bracketed squared equals 161 plus M squared where n and m are integers and eg n equals 3 m equals 8 is there a method other than direct factorization to solve for n and m?

This is a hyperbola. It is best approached using Fermat's factorisation method. Seefermat-s-factorization-methodor google wikepedia. I don't know of any faster approach.

What is 7 over s plus 1 equals 3 over s minus 3?


What is the equation of 6s equals s plus 3?

s + 3 = 6s -s -s ------------- 3 = 5s /5 /5 s=3/5 or s=.6

What are the solution sets 4s2 plus 12s plus 9 equals 0?

The solutions are: s = -3/2 and s = -3/2 they have equal roots

What is needed to answer 1n equals 1kgx1?


What is the answer to 2s - 3t equals 23 4s plus 3t equals 19?

s = 7, t = -3

What is 2 squared times 3 cubed?

72 minus the root of squared minus equals 72 but you have to be smart to know that the minimum circumference s 56 there you go

Find turning points for the function y equals x cubed divided by 3 minus x squared minus 3x plus 5?

Locate the turning point(s) for the following functions. (a) y=x3-x2 -3x + 5 3

What is 0 plus 3?

6 or it equals butterfly with one of the 3's backwards and then the 0 and then the other 3