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I think I know what you mean.

Take away followed by a Subtraction is - -

Two negatives equal a positive.

Therefore it is a plus.

Taking away a negative number gives a plus

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Q: What is take away subtraction?
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What does subtraction mean?

subtraction means you have to take away from the number

What is the meaning of take away in maths?

"Take away" is a synonym for "subtraction"

What other names for subtraction?

Take away

What does trade mean in subtraction?

to take away?

What is this symbol - called?

Minus, subtraction or take away.

How many key words in subtraction?

The word 'subtraction' is the noun form of the verb to subtract, a word meaning to take away. The noun 'subtraction' is a word for the process of taking a part away from the whole.

What is a positive number take away a negetive number?

It is subtraction

What do you call the number we take away in a subtraction sentence?

The subtrahend.

What is it called when you take one number away from another?


How do you solve integer subtraction problems?

It depends on the problem. An integer subtraction can be one number, take away another number.

What are other words for subtraction?

minus, take away, less than

What are some other words for subtraction in math?

Take away and minus.

What are the seven subtraction words?

take, difference, subtract, less, take away, minus, remove, -.

What are are otherterms in subtraction?

Subtraction is getting away things

How is subtracting fractions different from adding fractions?

In subtraction you take away rather than add. Also, addition is commutative, subtraction is not so the order of the numbers does matter for subtraction.

Explain what borrow trade regroup mean in subtraction?

it means to take away and borrow means to take away and regroup means to rearrang(make problem

What do borrow trade and regroup mean in subtraction?

it means to take away and borrow means to take away and regroup means to rearrang(make problem easier)

How do you use subtraction?

Subtraction means to take away. So any number that you need to know, you take away the other number. Like this....5 take away 2 equals 3. Use your fingers and see. Five fingers take away two fingers leaves three fingers. Got it? Now try it with the symbols. 5-2=3. It's just the opposite of addition. You take away the number rather than add it.

Is subtraction a short cut for addition?

No, subtraction is not a short cut for additon. In addition, you add numbers to another number to make it bigger. For example, adding 2 to 3 gives you 5. You can see that 5 is bigger than 2 and 3. However, for subtraction, you take away numbers to make a number smaller. If you take away 2 from 5, you get 3. As you can see, 3 is smaller than 5, which proves that subtraction makes a number smaller.

What is the other name subtraction?

well at my primary school we used to call subtraction take away because you 'took away' some of the numbers. at my high school though we call it minus hope I've helped :)

How is subtraction defined in arithmetic?

Subtraction is a decrease in quantity by taking away. It is the inverse of addition and is indicated by the minus symbol (-). The result of subtraction is known as the difference.

What is subtraction?

Subtraction simply means take away, If you have two numbers, typically you would take the biggest number and take away the smaller on from it. Example: 100 -25 ----- 75 The way you can check if you're subtracting is adding. If you take 25+75, you'll get 100. So you know your answer is correct.

What words that describe subtraction?

tske away!!??

What is 250 take away 70?

This is a subtraction problem. 250 - 70 = 180. This is true because 180 + 70 = 250.

What is the definition of Subduction?

The act of subducting or taking away., Arithmetical subtraction.

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