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toilet paper holder

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Q: What is that thing called with the toilet paper roll and he wool wrapped around it?
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What did they rap the mummy's with?

toilet paper....... just kidding, they wrapped the body with linen

Why can you only use toilet paper in toilets?

because its called TOILET PAPER

What do you call the paper loose diamonds are wrapped in?

The paper is called a wrap or wrapper.

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He wasn't asking you about wrapping yourself in toilet paper? He wanted to know how to MAKE toilet paper, so he asked his "mummy". It's not his fault his "Mum can't afford a spell checker.

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# Toilet paper is made from either recycled paper or wood chips. # It is mixed with water and broken down into a slurry, like paper mache. # Any paper clips and staples are removed with magnets and filters. # The ink is removed. # The great soggy mass is then pressed through rollers which dry it. # It then goes through a machine that perforates it every 10 cm and puts it onto a long roll. # This long roll is then chopped up into lengths and wrapped and packaged.

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Yes It Is Called Butt Leaf, or Just Called Leaf!

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