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Q: What is the 5th cube root of x plus one equals 3?
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What is the cube root of 65?

4.02073 to nearest 5th decimal.

What is 44.47 plus 7.2 plus 9.49?

The equation 44.47 plus 7.2 plus 9.49 equals 61.16. This is 5th grade math.

What is the 5th root of 3200000?

The 5th root is 20.

How do you find cube roots on a TI-84 Plus?

For example, to find the cube root of 5x5x5=125. In order to have the calculator show the cube root of 125, you need to enter the numbers in the following format. 125^(1/3) If you enter that in your TI-84 Plus exactly as its written above, it should come up with 5 as the answer. Notice the (1/3) at the end. This is the "cube." If you want to find the root of a number to, say, the 5th power you would use the following format in the example problem below. Example problem: 4x4x4x4x4=1024 Format for calculator: 1024^(1/5) Basically you put the number in front, followed by the carrot symbol ( ^ ) with the fraction (1/5), the 5 being the power of the number (the amount of times you multiplied 4 to get 1024). You have to put it in parenthesis and you have to put it as a fraction with the power as the denominator.

What is the 5th root of 400?

The 5th root of 400 = 3.314454

What are examples of 5 Th roots?

1) 1 (5th root is 1)2) 32 (5th root is 2)3) 243 (5th root is 3)4) 1024 (5th root is 4)5) 3125 (5th root is 5)

What is the 5th root of -3125?


What is the 5th square root of 95?

The 5th root of 95 = 2.48625

Is 5th root of 243 a surd?

No because the 5th root of 243 is 3

How do you find 5th root on Texas instrument calculator?

Search the keyboard for a key with a label that looks like x1/y.If your calculator has a label like that, then that's the key you'll useto perform a 5th root. Step-by-step instructions are included in theinstruction booklet that came with the calculator. In sketchy form . . .-- Key in the number into the display for which you want the 5th root.-- Press the [ x1/y ] key.-- Key in the root you want ( 5 ) into the display.-- Press the 'equals' key.

What is a cube raised to the 5th power?

It is the 15th power.

What is 5 root of 31253?

The 5th root of 31,253 = 7.92461811