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The means-extreme property of proportions is the method that allows you to cross multiply an equation to find the answer. An example would be, if a/b = c/d then ad = bc.

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Q: What is the Means-Extremes Product Property of Proportions?
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What do coefficient represent?

The relative proportions of each reactant and product.

Which property states the product of any factor and 0 equals 0?

Zero Product Property

What property when product is not affected by the grouping of the factors?

The associative property

Property of multiplication?

There are many properties of multiplication. There is the associative property, identity property and the commutative property. There is also the zero product property.

What is the product of 8x9?

what is the property of 8x9?

What property of multiplication can you use to help you find the product?

The multiplicative property, probably.

What is the property that states that the product of 1 and any number is that number?

Identity Property

Is miscibility a chemical property or a physical property?

Miscibility is the property of substances to intermix in all proportions, forming a homogeneous solution of those substances. As no chemical reactions between those substances happen as they go into solution with each other, miscibility must be a physical property.

What is product characteristics?

A product characteristic is an attribute or property of the product that describes the product's ability to satisfy its purpose in a larger system.

What property says that the product of any number and 1 is the number?

The Identity property of multiplication

What property states that the product of any number and 1 is that number?

Identity Property of one

Which multiplication property says that the product of any number and one is that number?

Identity Property