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The volume is 0.7854 cubic feet.

2010-05-01 12:14:19
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What is Volume of liquid in 1000' of 6' pipe?

The volume for a 6-foot wide, 1000-foot long pipe is 211,500 US gallons.

How many gallons in a foot in a 1 inch pipe?

pi*r^2*h gives the volume of a foot long one inch pipe. Radius is 0.5 inches, height is 1 foot/12 inches. So the volume is 9.42 cubic inches. 9.42 (cubic inches) = 0.0407792208 US gallons

What is the volume of a Pipe whose radius is 55mm and pipe length 3000mm?

The volume of this pipe is 28,510,000 mm3

How many gallons of water in a 24 inch pipe by 50 foot long?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) (radius)2 (length)Radius = 1/2 (diameter) = 12 inches = 1 footVolume = (pi) (1)2 (50) = 50 pi = 157.1 cubic feet = 1,175 gallons (rounded)That's the volume of the pipe. We have no way of knowing how much wateris in it. It could even be empty.

The sample of calculation of volume in a pipe?

Formula: r2 x Pi x length (where r = radius and Pi = about 3.1416)Example: A 50-foot long pipe with an inside radius (1/2 the diameter) of three feet - 32 x 3.1416 x 50 = about 1,413.72 cubic feet of volume

What is the volume of a one inch pipe 1 foot long?

The volume is 9.425 cubic inches.

What is the volume of water in a 2 inch pipe?

To determine the volume, you would have to know both the length and interior radius of the pipe. 10 feet long by 4"

How do you calculate volume of pipe in meters?

The volume of a pipe is calculated by multiplying Pi by the square of the radius by the length of the pipe.

The inner radius and outer radius and length of steel pipe is given What is the volume of steel pipe?

Consider the volume of the pipe as the difference in the volume of two cylinders, one containing the whole pipe and the other the empty space inside. Use the formula for the volume of a cylinder : Pi*r*r*h. Find the volume of the first cylinder with the larger radius and subtract from it that of the cylinder with the smaller radius. The height (or length) is the same for both volume calculations. The result of subtracting these is the volume occupied by the pipe.

What is the volume of pipe?

The volume of the interior of a pipe (or any circular cylinder) is the cross-sectional area multiplied by the length (volume = pi x radius x radius x length).

What is the volume of 5000 feet of 6 inch diameter pipe?

The volume of a 5,000-foot long pipe with a 6-inch diameter is: 981.75 cubic feet.

What is the volume of a pipe with a radius of 3.1mm and a height of 12mm?

The volume is 90.57 mm3

How many gallons of water per foot will a eighteen inch pipe hold?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) x (radius)2 x (length)Radius of an 18-inch pipe is 9 inches.Volume of a 1-foot section = (pi) x (9)2 x (12) = 3,053.6 cubic inches = 13.219 gallons (rounded)

What is the volume of a 5 inch pipe?

what is the radius? It depends on the the radius. Formula 3.14*radius squared*5=answer

Radius of pipe is 7.5cm and length is 850cm what is the volume of pipe?

150,207.75 cubic cm

Volume of a 3 inch diameter pipe 30 foot long?

V = 1.473 ft3

How many gallons of water in a three quarter inch copper pipe 150 ft long?

That's a cylinder. The volume of a cylinder is (pi) (radius)2 (length)Radius = 1/2 diameter = 3/8 inch = 0.03125 footLength = 150-ftVolume = (pi) (.03125)2 (150) = 0.4602 cubic foot = 3.442 gallons (rounded)That's the volume of the piece of pipe. We have no way of knowinghow much water may be in it. It could even be empty.

What is water volume 4 inch pipe per foot?

Each foot of a 4-inch diameter pipe has a water volume of: 0.652 gallons.

What is the volume of water in a 1 inchx100 foot pipe?

The volume of water in a 1 inch x 100 foot pipe is: 4.08 US gallons.

How much water will fit into a 10 x 1' steel pipe?

The volume of a cylinder is pi * r^2 * height. For a 10 foot pipe with a 1 foot internal diameter (1/2 foot radius), the volume is: ~ 3.1416 * (.5)^2 * 10 = 7.854 cu. ft. of water (or anything else)

How many gallons are in a pipe 4'x5'?

A four-foot diameter pipe that is five feet long has a volume of 470 gallons.

How do you find cubic inches in pipe?

-- Measure the radius of the pipe, in inches. -- Measure the length of the pipe in inches. -- The volume of the pipe is (pi) x (radius)2 x (length) cubic inches

How much does a 6 foot long 2 inch radius PVC pipe hold?

Approx 904.8 cubic inches.

What is the weight of 4 inch asbestos pipe?

The weight of the pipe will depend on its volume, The volume in turn, will depend oninner radius or diameter,outer radius or diameter,length.Only one of these is given.

How many lites does a 30 ft long 2 pipe hold?

This is dependent on the internal diameter of the pipe. Your answer is the volume of a circle multiplied by its length (the volume of a cylinder) volume = (PI*RadiusSquared)*height so a pipe 1 metre long with an internal radius of 4cm volume = (3.142*16)*100 =5027.2 millilitres 5027.2/1000= 5.0272 litres