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-10.5+6.31 = -4.19

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โˆ™ 2011-07-05 09:12:23
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Q: What is the absolute value of -10.5 plus 6.3I?
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Find the conjugate of 84 - 63i?


What is the conjugate of 84 minus 63i?

The conjugate of (84-3i) is (84+3i). This gives you a real number when multiplied.

What is equivalent to i63?

Nothing other than i63. Even 63i may not be the same unless it can be shown that multiplication is commutative.

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Absolute value of 24 plus absolute value of -4?


What is the absolute value of plus 13?

Absolute value of 13 is 13.

What is the absolute value of -2 plus absolute value of 6?


What is the absolute value of -344 plus -285?


What is the absolute value distance from 3- to 105?


What is the absolute value of -6 plus 5?

Absolute value of -6+5 is 1.

What is the absolute value of negative 2 plus negative 5?

Absolute value of -2+(-5) is 7.

What number have opposite that are different from their absolute value?

Find the absolute value of -3 plus the opposite of -3?

Explain how to find the absolute value of an integer?

The absolute value of an integer is found by ignoring its sign (plus or minus).

When is a value called absolute?

In mathematics, the absolute value of a given number is the positive form of the number, for example, if the answer to a problem turns out to be plus or minus 3, then the absolute value is 3.

What is the absolute value of 1 plus 3?


What is an absolute value of 2 plus i?


What is the absolute value of 5 plus 2?


What would be the answer to 2 times the absolute value of -5 minus 4 times the absolute value of 2 plus 3?


What is the absolute value of six plus x plus one equals twelve?


Negative PLUS a positive equals?

It is a negative if the negative number has the higher absolute value and positive if the positive number has the higher absolute value.

What is a negative plus a posititve?

Whichever has the greater absolute value.

What is the absolute value of integer plus 6?


What is the absolute value of l-24l plus l15l?


What is the value of 1 plus 2 plus 3... plus 105?

This is an arithmetic progression with a first term of 1, a difference of 1, last term (and number of terms) 105. → sum = ½ × number_of_terms × (first_term + last_term) = ½ × 105 × (1 + 105) = ½ × 105 × 106 = 5565

What is the absolute value of 14 plus and -11?