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7C MINUS bracket open c plus 2 bracket close equals 7c minus c minus 2 equals 6c minus 2

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Q: What is the algebric answer to this 7C minus open bracket C plus 2 close bracket?
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What is minus Open bracket 3x minus 4 Close bracket if you multiply out the brackets?

-(3x-4) = -3x + 4

Solve 2 open bracket 2x minus 5 close bracket plus 6 equals 12?

2(2*4-5)+6 = 12

How is this algebraic expression worked out a open bracket 2a minus 5 close bracket?

(2a - 5). Take the value of a. Double it to get 2a Take away (subtract 5) to get 2a - 5

What is the answer to 'open bracket' x-2 'close bracket' 'open bracket' x plus 2 'close bracket'?

(x-2)(x+2)= x2+2x-2x-4= x2-4

How do you figure out 4-open bracket-y-2-close bracket-²?

you first solve the inside of the bracket and then do the inside answer with the outside numbers.

What is 2 open bracket 2 times 1 close bracket?

2(2*1) = 2(2) = 4

If x to the power of 2 plus y to the power of 2 plus z to the power of 2 plus 10x plus 20y minus 30z plus 350 equals 0 find the value of open bracket x-y-z close bracket to the power of 5?


Can anyone simplify x openbracket x-3close bracket open bracket x 5 close bracket?

sure... I bet lots of people can simplify this... How 'bout 5x sq -15

What is 10 × (2.5 + 13.5) in word form?

Ten multiplied by open bracket, two point five plus thirteen point five, close bracket.

Under what circumstances will bracket x plus a close bracket open bracket x plus b close bracket result in an expansion in only two terms?

I think I'm answering my own quezstion here but hey. Am I right in saying that (x+0)(x+1) Factorises to x2+ x? I think I am.

How do you integrate open bracket x plus 1 close bracket cosx?

Try integration by parts, (twice, I think) with u=(x+1) and dv/dx=cosx

What are your 2digits when their product is open bracket 7multiplied by2 close bracket plus 7?

sounds like 21: (7 x 2) is 14, plus 7 is 21