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The answer to an addition problem is the sum of the problem.

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Q: What is the answer for a addition math problem?
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Answer to an addition problem?

what is the answer for a addition math problem

What is an addition sentence?

It is and math problem :))

What is sum in math?

The answer to an addition problem.

What is the answer to an addition problem in math?

A sum

What does sum mean in math?

the answer to an addition problem

What does solution mean in math?

C ; solution means the answer to an addition problem in math .

How do you find the sum in a math problem?

"sum" means addition.... +

What is the term used to describe in a math problem the addition sign?

the sum

When doing a math problem dividing how can you check your problem?

You can multiply the answer to see if it's right. same with multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Multiplication, you divide, to check addition, you subtract, and subtract, you add.

In a math problem does than mean to multiply or add?

Seeing the word than in a mathematical problem usually indicated addition or subtraction.

What does how much more mean in a math problem?

will it means like addition.

What is 11 add 2?


What is 333 add 1?


What is 44 add 100?


What does term mean in math?

When using the word term in a mathematical sense it refers to a problem or solution. A simple addition problem would be called a term.

What is sum in math it is addition or subraction?

Sum is addition.

What starts with an A in math?

Addition starts with an A in math.

Is how many addition or subtraction?

"How many ?" is counting. It can be the result of any math operation.In fact, "How many ?" is the question at the end of EVERY math problem. Whateverthe problem is, it always says "After you do this, how many do you wind up with ?"

What lesson of Math will add?

Addition will add in math

How do you check my math solution twice when there's an equals sign?

It depends whether it is a subtraction, mulitplication, addition, or division problem.

What is 33 add 111 add 2299?

The math addition problem 33 add 111 add 2299 is 2343.

Product in a math problem?

The product in a math is the answer to a multiplication problem.

What is 19.86 - 4.94 Math problem?

19.86 - 4.94 math problem = 14.919999999999998

What is a total in math?

A total is simply the answer in an addition problem. Or other problem. A better word is solution, but total works. You are totally dumb is not the same total, but you are totally dumb.

What does the sum mean in math terms.?

Sum is the same as add (an addition). For example, 5 + 4 = 9 is the sum of 5 and 4.