What is the answer to -4x 3y12?

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If you mean: -4x+3y = 12 then y = 4/3x+4 whereas 4/3 is the slope and 4 is the y intercept

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Q: What is the answer to -4x 3y12?
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What is the x intercept of the line 4x-3y12?

Do you mean 4x-3y = 12 then it is at (3, 0)

What point lines on the graph of the equation 4x-3y12?

None because without an equal sign it's not an equation but some kind of an algebraic expression.

Is 4x-6y2 parallel to 2x 3y12?

I guess your two equations are:4x - 6y = 22x + 3y = 12Since the plus (+) and equals (=) signs have been stripped from your question.If this is the case, then they are not parallel since their gradients are not the same.Without working them out exactly, it can be seen that one is positive (equation 1.) and the other is negative (equation 2.):4x - 6y = 2 ⇒ 6y = 4x - 2 ⇒ +ve gradient2x + 3y = 12 ⇒ 3y = -2x + 12 ⇒ -ve gradient

What line is perpendicular to 4x-3y12?

The equation has been distorted in the question (as usual on this site). The general idea is to solve the equation for "y"; read off the slope from the resulting equation; then divide minus 1 by this slope to get the slope of the perpendicular line.

What is the slope-intercept form of 2x 3y12?


What does 4x times 4x equal?

4x × 4x = (4x)² = 16x²

How do you solve the square root of 4x to the sixth power?

4x to the sixth can be expanded to (4x * 4x * 4x)(4x * 4x * 4x) or (4x to the third)(4x to the third) the square root of the above would be 4x to the third

Which equation represents a line that is parallel to the line whose equation is 2x 3y12?

2y= 3x+6

What is 4x plus 4x plus 4x plus 4x?


What is 4 times x?


What is 4x minus 4x?

4x - 2x = 2x

What is the product of (4x-7)(4x 7)?

what is the product of ( 4x-7) (4x+7)

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