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the answer is 18 and one third

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Q: What is the answer to eleven and one third and six and seven ninths?
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What is seven and one third divided by two ninths?

Seven and one third divided by two ninths = 33/1 or 33

What is one-third plus three-ninths?

One-third plus three-ninths is 2/3.7/9

What is seven ninths take away one sixth?

eleven eighteenths

What is one third plus four ninths?

It is seven ninths.

What is ten and one-third plus seven-ninths equal?

10 1/3 + 7/9 = 11 1/9 or eleven and one ninth.

What is two third plus one ninth?

That would be seven ninths.

How many ninths are equal to one third?

three ninths are equal to one third

Is negative one third greater than negative seven ninths?


Is five ninths equivlent to one third?

No. Three ninths is equivalent to one third.

How many inches in one and seven ninths?

That depends what there are one and seven ninths of.

What is one third minus two ninths?

1 third = 3 ninths, 3 ninths - 2 ninths = 1 ninth.

What is one-third plus four-ninths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 1/3 + 4/9 = 7/9 or seven ninths.

What is one minus two ninths?

seven ninths

What is two ninths plus one third?

Four ninths

What is one third added to two ninths?

five ninths

What is seven twelfths and one third in simplest form?

it is eleven twelfths

What is eleven ninths equal to?

11/9 is equal to 1 2/9 (one and two-ninths).

What is one third plus four ninths plus eleven twelths?

It is: 1/3 +4/9 +11/12 = 61/36

Can eleven ninety ninths be simplified?

yes one-ninth

Is one third greater than two ninths?

yes one third is greater than two ninthsYes.

Which is bigger six ninths or one third?

Six ninths is bigger.

What is the LCD of one-third and two-ninths?


What is one third minus seven ninths?

1/3 minus 7/9 is -4/9

How much more is five ninths of a cup than one third of a cup?

You can restate "one third" as "three ninths"; then subtracting three ninths from five ninths leaves two ninths: 5/9 - 3/9 = 2/9

What is one third plus two ninths?

5 ninths