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Since you need to reduce "24" to get to "8", "h" must be -16.

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2008-08-22 03:31:36
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Q: What is the answer to h plus twenty-four equals eight?
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What is the answer to eight equals h plus twenty four?

To solve for h, you need to subtract 24 from both sides of the equal sign. -24 + 8=h, therefore h = 16

If a equals 4 and h equals 5 what is a plus ha?


What property is h plus 0 equals h?

comutity property

What is the complete ionic equation for NaOHaq plus HCIaq equals H2OI plus NaCIaq?

Na+ plus OH- plus H+ equals H2O plus Na+ plus Cl-

What is 3 plus h when h equals 100.25?

3 + h = 3 + 100.25 = 103.25

Solve this equation -9h - 6 plus 12h plus 40 equals 22?

The solution to this equation is that h is equal to -4. You can substitute this value for h into the equation to get -4 x -9 - 6 plus 12 x -4 plus 40 equals 22, or 36 - 6 plus - 48 plus 40 equals 22.

Balance this molecular equation I₂ plus HNO₃ equals HIO₃ plus NO₂ plus H₂O Example HBr plus O₂ equals Br₂ plus H₂O Balances to 4HBr plus O₂ equals 2Br₂ plus 2H₂O?

I2 + 10 hno3 = 2 hio3 + 10 no2 + 4 h2o

S plus r equals h solve for h?

Congratulations! You already have. h = S+r

Solve for h 5h - 3h plus 9h equals 176?


Which of these solutions are acidic a solution with OH equals 2.5 10-9 H plus equals 1.2 10 -4 H plus equals 3.4 10-8 pH equals 4.5 OH equals 1.0 10-4?

solution with [OH-] = 2.5 x 10-9 , A solution with [H+] = 1.2 x 10-4, A solution with pH = 4.5

What is A h b1 plus b2 2?

The equation A H b1 plus b2 times 2 equals 8. This is a math problem.

What is the complete ionic equation for NaOH plus HC equals H2O plus NaCl?

(Na+) + (OH-) + (H+) + (CI-) = (H+) + (OH-) + (Na+) + (CI-)

If fx equals 2x plus 5 find f a plus h minus f a divided h?

It is [(2a+2h+5) - (2a+5)]/h = 2h/h = 2

How do you factor -1h2 plus 32-4h equals 0?

-(h - 4)(h + 8)

What is the answer to 4 h plus 7 equals 5?


What is the answer to 8h plus 48 equals 104?


What number plus 65 equals 90?


What is h2 plus 15 equals -16 h?

h2 -16h+15 = (h -1)(h -15) when factored

What times what equals 40?

5x8 10x4 20x2

Tx plus 2t plus hx plus 2h equals?


H-6 plus 7h equals 42?

I would not fully go by my answer but I think its h=6

Solve this equation -9-6 plus 12h plus 40 equals 22?

h= -4

Solve this equation 9h-6 plus 12h plus 40 equals 22?


HNO3 equals H plus plus NO3- is an example of what kind of reaction?

Acid base reaction

What is the slope of H equals 3M plus 10?

The slope is 3.