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There is no answer because -12-t/9 is an algebraic expression with no equality sign

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Q: What is the answer to negative 12 less than the variable t divided by 9?
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What is the answer to a variable divided by 9 more than negative 12?

If X is the variable, then X/(-12+9) = x/(-3) = -X/3

Which expression will have a negative outcome if a equals -23?

If "a" is multiplied or divided by a positive it will be negative.If "a" is added to a number less than 23 it will be negative.

What is the answer to 0 is greater than or equal to negative 912 variable?

True if the variable is non-negative, false if the variable itself is negative.

What is true of the variable x when the variable n is a negative number in the equation 5 plus n?

I assume that you are referring to:x = 5 + nIf n is a negative number, x is less than 5.ANSWER: x is less than 5 ...[ x < 5 ]

What is a number divided by negative six is no less than five?

Any number that's &minus;30 or less would fit.

How do you determine if the critical z value of a standard normal distribution is positive or negative?

Use the context: if the variable should be greater than the mean then z is positive and if less than the mean, it should be negative.

Why is the value of a - 1 always less than the value of a?

Since there are no negative signs in front of the variable 'a', it makes 'a' a positive number. Therefore, it is bigger than -1.

Is negative 163 greater than or less than negative 5.30?

Negative 163 is less than negative 5.30 is.

Is negative seven greater than or less than negative eleven?

Less than negative 11

What happens when both sides of a less than inequality are multiplied or divided by a negative number?

The inequality sign becomes greater than (&gt;).

Is negative 5 greater to or less than negative 4?

Negative 5 is less than negative 4.

What do you do with your inequality if you divide by both sides by a negative number?

If two sides of an inequality are multiplied (or divided) by a negative number, you have to invert the sign. For example, a "less-than" sign becomes a "greater-than" sign.

Is negative 8 less than or equal to negative four?

less than

Is negative 21 greater or less than negative 6?

less than

Is negative 40 greater than or less than negative 3?

It is less than -3.

Is negative 9 is less than negative 12?

No. Negative 12 is less.

What is 8 less than 5?

8 Less Than 58 less than 5 is negative 3 (-3).

Is a negative greater or less than a positive number?

A negative number is less than a positive number. Think about it this way: a negative number is less than 0. A positive number is greater than 0. Therefore, a negative number must be less than a positive number.

Is zero less than negative one?

Zero is more than, not less than the number negative 1.

Is negative four fifths greater or less than negative one third?

negative fourth fifths is less than negative one-third

Is a negative number greater or less than 0?

A negative number is less than zero.

Is negative 18 less than negative 10?

yes;-18 is less than -10

What is less than negative 2?

-5,-4, -3 is less than negative 2

What are four negative numbers that are less than pi?

All negative numbers are less than pi.

Why does a positive number divided by a negative number equal a negative number instead of infinity?

If you think about it, the division simbol means how many times a number can go into another number, so a positive number, like 5 goes into a negative number, like -25, -5 times, because the -5 is less than 1, and 5 cant go into anything less than one even once, so it goes in a negative amount of times. I'm not sure why a positive number divided by a negative number would be infinity.