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Q: What is the answer to rename this fraction six and one half?
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Related questions

How do you rename the fraction 6 12?

Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its simplest form, 6/12, or six twelfths, is equal to 1/2, or one half. Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 0.5.

What is six and a half as a whole number?

Six and a half is an improper fraction. It is not a whole number and cannot be made into one.

What Is six fourths as a fraction?

Six Fourths (6/4) as a fraction would be renamed into a mixed number, which would be one and two fourths, or one and a half (1 1/2). Two fourths is equivalent to one half. By the way, a mixed number is a fraction consisting of a whole number and a proper fraction.

How do you write five and one half as an improper fraction with the denominator six?


What fraction is half of one six?

Half of one-sixth: 1/6 x 1/2 = 1/12, or one-twelfth.

What is three fourths times two?

If you multiply the fraction three-fourths by two you will get six-fourths. If you change that improper fraction to a mixed fraction you will get one and two-fourths. The two-fourths reduces to one-half. There fore three-fourths times two is one and a half.

How do You write six and a half as a fraction?


How do you write six and one half as an improper fraction with the numerator twenty six?

6 1/2 = 13/2 = 26/4

Why are one half and three sixths equivalent fractions?

When you have a fraction and both numbers are divisible by a common number, you can reduce the fraction. In this case, three and six are both divisible by three. the 3 becomes a 1 and the 6 becomes a 2, making the fraction one half.

What is six and one half divided by one third equal?

six and one half = 13/2 dividing by a fraction is same as multiplying by fraction turned upside down so 13/2 divided by 1/3 = 13/2 x 3/1 = 39/2 = nineteen and one half

How many inches are in six and one half?

six and one half

How do you write one half as an equivalent fraction with denominator six?

Expressed as a fraction with the denominator 6, 1/2 is equal to 3/6 or three sixths.

What fraction is greater than six an one third?

The fraction seven and one third is one such fraction.

How do you make a picture of 3 halves as a fraction?

it would be simplified to one and a half. so draw one full rectangle, or whatever, then draw one rectangle, cut it in half, and shade in one half.

What is the fraction of 0.6?

The fraction 0.6 is also known as six tenths; it is slightly more than half.

What is four and one third times one and one half?

six and three sixths or six and one half

Is one six a fraction?

One sixth as a numerical fraction is written 1/6

What fraction is equivalent to one six?

one third

What is one half twelve?

One half of twelve is six.

What does 6 look like as a fraction?

In a fraction, six would be above the one (i.e., six ones.) Or: 6/1.

What is half of six and three fourths?

In fraction it is 3 3/8 in decimal it is 3.375

What fraction is between 5 10 and 1?

If I understand the question correctly, what is between five tenths or one half and one? Six tenths, three quarters, etc.

What fraction is greater than six and one third?

Twenty six and one third is greater.

Is one half bigger than one half six thirds?

no, half of six thirds is 3 thirds also known as one. stupid

What is six thirds minus one half?

Six thirds is two. Two minus one half is one and a half. 2 - 0.5 - 1.5