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6 and six sevenths

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Q: What is the answer to seven and three thirds x six sevenths?
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What is five and two thirds minus three and six sevenths equal?

38 over 21 or thirty-eight twenty-firsts

What is six sevenths divided by four thirds?

~0.64 rounded

Is a half greater than six sevenths?

No because half of seven is three and a half

Is two thirds bigger than six sevenths?

no 6/7 is

How many is six sevenths?

It is six parts out of seven.

What is seven and two thirds minus three and five six?

three and five sixths

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

What is four sevenths plus six sevenths?

Ten sevenths or one and three sevenths

What is six halves divided by seven eighths?

6/2 / 7/8 = 3 3/7 or three and three sevenths.

What is six and two thirds divided by seven eighths?

Six and two thirds divided by seven eighths = 713/21

What is seven thirteenths minus two forty-sevenths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 7/13 - 2/47 = 303/611 or three hundred and three six-hundred and elevenths.

What is Three and seven eighths divided by six sevenths?

The answer is 3 and 7/8 divided by 6/7 = 217/48

What is six sevenths times seven twelfths?


Does three sevenths equal six fourteenths?


Is three fourths greater than six sevenths?


What is six divided by three sevenths?

It's 14.

What is larger one third or two sevenths?

Well, firstly, the LCM (Lowest Common Multiple) of 3 and 7 is 21. Try to convert those fractions into fractions with denominators of 21. Multiply 3x7 in one thirds and 1x7, which changes one third to seven twenty-oneths. Multiply 7x3 in two sevenths and 2x3, which changes two sevenths to six twenty-oneths. Therefore, one third (seven twenty-oneths) is greater than two sevenths (six twenty-oneths).

Is three sevenths larger than six thirty fifths?

No. No. No. No.

What is three fifths times six sevenths?


How many 3rds are in 2 and one 3rds?

Seven Three thirds = one so six thirds = two Two and a third = 6 + 1 = 7

What is three and three sevenths minus one and six sevenths?

24/7 - 13/7 = 11/7 or 1 and 4/7

What is six and three sevenths minus five and five sevenths?

45/7 - 40/7 = 5/7

Does two thirds equal to seven ninths?

No. Two-Thirds equals Six-Ninths

What is negative six sevenths divided by three?

-6/7 divided by three is -0.285714285714

Is six-sevenths greater then six-sevenths?

No, 6/7=6/7.