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3/5 also equals 6/10 or 6 tenths

The answer is therefore 6 tenths minus 9 tenths = minus 3 tenths

Assuming of course that these portions are from the same object/ number etc. you have 30% less than when you started.

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Q: What is the answer when you subtract nine tenth from three fifth?
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What is three fifth divided by nine tenth?

My dear family, the andersons

What is nine twelfths subtract two fourths?

If we convert to the same denominators:Nine twelfths subtract six twelfths = Three twelfths.

What is nine and one fifth minus two and three fifth?

The answer is six and three fifths or 6 and 3/5 :D

How do you write three and nine tenth in decimal form?


Write in words 3988.20?

Three thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and one fifth. Or... Three thousand nine hundred and eighty eight point two.

What is the answer for One whole and one fifth minus three fourths?

It is nine twentieths.

Is nine tenth larger than three tenth?

Yes. Imagine slicing a pie into ten pieces. If you take 9 of the 10 pieces you have nine tenth. If you take 3 of the 10 pieces you have three tenth. Clearly 9 pieces of pie are more than 3. If you are comparing two numbers that are both fractions of tenths, you can just look at the numbers on the top to see what is larger.

Three eight divided by nine tenth?

3/8 ÷ 9/10 = 5/12

What is 8 over 9 subtract 5 over 9?

3/9 (three over nine)

How do you write thirty-nine tenth as a decimal?

thirty and nine tenth in decimal = 30.9

What is five sixths minus three forth as a fraction?

You change five sixths into ten twelfths and three quarters into nine twelfths. Then you subtract the nine twelfths from the ten twelfths, which equals one twelfth.

What are three equivalent fractions for nine tenth?

Three equivalent fractions for nine tenths are 81/90 63/70 99/110

What is seven and three tenth minus four and four tenth?

7 3/10 - 4 4/10 = 2 9/10, or two and nine tenths.

What are measurements equal to 9.2?

Nine and a fifth - of any units, standard or not.Nine and a fifth - of any units, standard or not.Nine and a fifth - of any units, standard or not.Nine and a fifth - of any units, standard or not.

What will you do subtract in six to make it nine?

Subtract negative 3.

What is nine ten subtract two eleven?

Six Nine Nine

What is twelve and one fifth minus three and nine tenths?

38474b twelve and one fifth minus three and nine tenths is 12 1/5 - 3 9/10 is 12 2/10 - 3 9/10 12.2 - 3.9 = 8.3

Is nine tenth larger than three fourths?

Yes. 9/10 is 20% larger than 3/4 .

How would you solve the fraction nine fifth minus four fifth?

9/5 - 4/5 =? (because the denominator or bottom number is the same all that you have to do is subtract the numerator or top number) =5/5 =1

What is the answer to Subtract six tenths from nine point nine five?


When you subtract four from nine what do you get?


Crossword question Clue is fifth single digit alphabetically answer is one please explain?

If you put the single digit numbers (zero, one, two, three- up to nine) in alphabetical order, they go: five, four, eight, nine, one, seven, six, three, two, zero. So "one" is the fifth one, alphabetically.

What fraction of a dollar is nine dimes?

A dime is one tenth of a dollar, so nine dimes is nine tenths (9/10) of a dollar.

What is nine tenth of 500?


What is nine letter word with second letter e and fifth letter a?

There are hundreds of words that match this; bedraggle, defeating, deflating are but three.