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228.4 square miles

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Q: What is the area in square miles of Chicago?
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How many square miles is Chicago?

The city area covers 228 square miles (591 squarekm)

Which areas does Chicagoland cover?

Chicago covers an area of over 14,000 square miles this includes 2,122 square miles of urban land and 10,874 square miles of metro land. Further information about this can be found on the Chicago Wikipedia page.

What city bigger by land Houston or chicago?

Houston, Texas is bigger than Chicago by nearly three times. Total land area of Chicago is 234.0 square miles, verus Houston, which is 627.8 square miles.

Which city is the biggest Chicago IL or Toronto ON?

Chicago, at 2,695,598 residents is only slightly larger then Toronto at 2,503,281 in population, however Chicago's Metropolitan population is about 4.3 million residents greater then Toronto. Toronto's Metropolitan area covers 2,751 square miles and Chicago's metropolitan area is 10,874 square miles.

What is Chicago's size in square miles?

234.0 Square miles, of which 6.9 square miles is water.

What City is larger geographically Los Angeles or New York?

Los Angeles California has an area of 502 square miles and is twice as big in area as Chicago at 234 square miles.

Area of Florida in square miles?

the area of Florida is 65,795 in square miles

What is the area in square miles and population in china?

china's area in square miles is 1,100,100 miles square.

What is the land size of Chicago Illinois?

The city area covers 228 square miles (591 squarekm)

How big is downtown Chicago in square miles?

It is difficult to define "Downtown Chicago". Everyone seems to have their own definition, the most narrow of which includes The Loop, Streeterville, and River North; and the most broad of which includes the South Loop, Gold Coast, West Loop, Near South Side, Old Town, River West, Greektown, River East, and Lincoln Park. Here is a breakdown of some of the specific neighborhoods within "Downtown". The Loop (defined as the Chicago River to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Congress Pkwy to the South, and Canal to the West) is 2.021 square miles. River North (defined as Chicago Avenue to the north, Chicago River to the West and South, and Clark Street to the East) is .446 square miles. Streeterville (defined as Oak Street to the north, Michigan Ave to the west, Lake Michigan to the East, and Ohio to the South) is .317 square miles Gold Coast (defined as Clark to the west, Lake Michigan to the east, North Ave to the north, and Oak St to the south) is .388 square miles. West Loop (Roosevelt to the south, Halsted to the west, Canal to the east, and Lake to the north) is .731 square miles. Overall, the area one may reasonably consider to be "Downtown" can be as large as 8 square miles. Source:

What is the area of Egypt in square miles?

Surface Area: 1,001,450 square km or 386662 square miles

How large is the area of Florida in square miles?

Florida's land area is 53,997 square miles.