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1,074.665 square inches

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Q: What is the area of a circle with a diameter of thirty seven inches?
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What is the diameter of a seven and a half inches circle?

7.5 inches!

How do you get the diameter of a seven inch circle?

It depends on what you mean by a "7-inch circle". If, as is normally the case, it is a circle with a 7-inch diameter, then you've got your answer in the question. If, unusually, you mean a circle with a 7-inch radius, then the diameter is twice that - 14 inches. If, even more unusually, you mean a circle with a circumference of 7 inches, then the diameter is 7/pi = 2.228 inches.

What is the diameter of a two liter bottle in inches?

seven inches

If the circumference of a circle is 44 inches what is the best estimate for the length of the radius of the circle?

Seven inches.

Is three and one twelfth feet larger than thirty seven inches?


What is the best circle's circumference of a seven inches circle radius?

452.dh9329500="2*803333.4255 there we go :)

What is the normal weight of a baby girl at thirty seven weeks?

2859 grams, 19.13 inches

How long is thirty seven centimeters?

You should say what units you want it in. 37 cm = 14.57 inches

How do you make a seven petaled flower with a compass for geometry?

draw an arc 7/10 of the diameter after you draw a circle

How do you spell thirty-seven?

That is the correct spelling of thirty-seven (37).

What is the decimal for seven and thirty hundredths?

seven and thirty hundredths = 7.30

How many cubic inches of water are in a large pot that is ten inches in diameter and seven inches tall?

Ultimately depends on how full the pot is, but if filled to the brim, it should hold 549.7 cubic inches.

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