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100 cm^2

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Q: What is the area of any side of a ten centimeter cube?
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What is the area of paper needed to make a cutout for a cube 1 centimeter on each side?

Surface area of cube = 6 x (side squared). In this case 6 squacen, not allowing for any overlap.

Whats the area of a cube?

The volume of any cube is (length of one side)3The surface area is (length of one side)2 x 6 [since a cube has six sides]

How do you get the surface area of cube?

The length of any side, squared, times six.

Explain why the unit of volume is in centimeter cube or cubic centimeter?

Cubic centimeter and centimeter cube equal the same thing. The cubic volume of any substance is 1 unit x 1 unit x 1 unit.

What is the volume that is measured in cc?

Any volume can be measured in cc (cubic centimeters), a cube one centimeter on a side also equal to a milliliter (one thousandth of a liter).

How any curved edges does a cube have?

how many curved side does a cube have

What is the width and length of a 150 square centimeter cube?

150 square centimetres is a measure of area. Assuming it is the total surface area of the cube, the surface area of any one [square] face is 150/6 = 25 sq cm. Consequently, the width and length are sqrt(25) = 5 cm.

How do you derive the total surface area of a cube?

The total surface area of a cube would be 6 x area-of-one-cube-face (there are 6 faces to a cube). Each face of a cube is a square. If any edge of the cube is "a", then: 6 x a x a.

How many cc make a cm?

No. That is like asking how many pints make an inch - does not make any sense.I can tell you though that one cubic centimeter (cc) is a cube one centimeter (cm) on a side. So in a way 3 cm make a cc;-)

How do I calculate the surface-area- to-volume ratio for a square or cube cell that is 3 mm each side?

The answer to your question is below along with a general formula so you can see where the answer comes from.The formula for the volume of a cube with side length L is L3The formula for the surface area comes from finding the area of one side of the cube and multiplying that by 6 since there are 6 sides. The area of one side is L2 sothe surface area is 6L2 .Now if we want ratio of surface area to volume for any cube, it would be 6L2 /L3This simplifies to 6/LSo in the case of a cube with side length 3 mm it is 6/3 or 2.Method 2 would be to find the surface area and volume for your cube only and then divide.The volume is 33 and the surface area is 6(32 ) so the ratio of surface area to volume is6(32 )/33 =2

What is the formula for measuring base area of a cube?

A cube has all sides equal. The base area of cube = any surface of cube. All sides are squares (since all lengths are equal). So, the base area of cube = length * breadth.

What is a cube is removed from the corner of a larger cube Datermine and explain the relationship between the total surface area of the original larger cube the new figure with the missing portion?

If we remove a cube from the corner then cavity we get to see can be considered in the form of a cuboid room and the room doesn't has roof and front wall because the cube is removed from the corner(you can consider any two surfaces).Let us say the side of larger cube be A then its surface area is 6A2.And we have removed a cube of side a from the corner. After removing we get 4 squares of side a in the cavity and the area is 4 x a2. But the roof and front wall is not there so there is decrease in area by 2 x a2.So, the surface area of new figure is 6A2 + 4a2 - 2a2 = 6A2 + 2a2.So the surface area of new figure is more than the original cube.

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