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Q: What is the average walking speed for humans in miles per hour?
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Related questions

What is average walking speed?

3-4 miles an hour.

How many miles per hour does an average walking person?

Average walking speed for an adult is around 4 miles per hour.

What is the average speed of a mule when walking?

The average speed of a mule when walking is three to four miles an hour. A dog walks between 2 and 4 miles an hour and a human between 2 and 5 miles.

What is the average walking speed of a turkey?

20 miles per hour

Camels average walking speed?

A camel's average speed when walking is about three miles an hour. They don't travel much, however, only getting around 25 miles per day.

What is considered fast walking speed?

4-5 miles per hour or faster is considered a fast walking speed, 6 miles per hour is considered jogging, while 3 miles per hour is the average walking speed.

What is the average walking speed of a dog?

Factors including height, weight, age, and overall health of a dog would determine the walking speed. The same factors also determine the walking speed of a person. Most dogs are able to walk the same speed as a person who is walking them. The average walking speed is about 3 miles per hour.

How fast is walking 5 miles in 80 minutes?

That is an average speed of 3.75 mph.

What is the average speed of a horse when walking?

6km/h 6km is equal to 3.7 miles

What is the Average walking speed for a 12 year old?

3 miles per hour.

What is a mouse deer walking speed?

6 miles an hour on average hope this helps

What is the average speed of a pony when walking?

probably like 2-3 miles an hour

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