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For a vertical line, just write:

x = ...

(whatever the y-coordinate of any point on the line)

To eliminate a fraction, you multiply both sides of the fraction by the denominator. If there are several fractions, you can multiply by the least common denominator (or by any common denominator, for that matter).

For "standard form" ... Well, I believe there are several standard ways to write equations for straight lines.

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Q: What is the best method to write an equation that is vertical and the best method for eliminating a fraction from an equation in point-slope that is to be written in standard form.?
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Examples of equations in standard form?

To be able to write the equation of a line in standard form. In particular, our book would not have cleared the fraction.

What is the best method for eliminating a fraction from an equation in point slope that is to be written in standard form?

There are actually several "standard forms" for line equations (point-slope form is one of them), so the exact details depend on which form you want.However, in general you can get rid of a fraction by multiplying all parts of the equation by the common denominator. For example, if somewhere in the equation you have a denominator of 5 (and no other denominators), you multiply everything by 5. That will get rid of the fraction.

How do you solve a equation in standard form when it has a fraction in it?

Solve it as you would normally. I could help if I had the equation. :) Fractions don't really change much; they just make the problem look more difficult.

How do you turn a slope intercept equation into a standard equation?

You place X and Y on the same side to get a standard equation.

What is standard form linear equation's?

A standard form of a linear equation would be: ax + by = c

What is the standard equation?

There is no such thing as a standard equation. Furthermore, there are standard forms - all different - for the equation of a line, a circle, a plane, a parabola, an ellipse and so on. the question needs to be more specific.

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What is the standard form of an equation?

The standard form of an equation is Ax + By = C. In this type of equation, x and y are variables while A, B, and C are integers.

In the standard equation for an ellipse b is half the length of the what axis?

In the standard equation for an ellipse, b is half the length of the _____ axis.Answer:

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What is a quadratic equation in standard form called?

It is still called a quadratic equation!