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Q: What is the composite number between 20 and 50 whose prime numbers equal 21?
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Related questions

Why will a prime number times a prime number always equal a composite number?

the two prime numbers will be factors of that number, which would make that number a composite number

Are composite numbers always even?

No - although all positive even numbers other than 2 are composite, this does not mean that all composite numbers are even - the first odd composite number is 9, which is equal to 3 x 3.

What 3 composite numbers that when multiplied equal 1001?

There are no three composite numbers that multiply to 1001.

Which number is a composite number 2312 or 3819 and how do you know?

Both numbers are composite numbers. Using the rules of divisibility, 2312 is composite because it is an even number that ends with 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8. 3819 is composite because the sum of its digits equal 21, a number that is divisible by 3, so the number itself is divisible by 3.

How do you find a composite number?

To find a composite number, think of two numbers that can be multiplied to equal that number. For example, 15 is a composite number because its factors are 1, 3, 5 and 15. For a number to be composite, it should have more than two factors.To know 15 is a composite number, know:1 x 15=153 x 5 =15All composite numbers have more than two factors whereas prime numbers have only two factors.

How many composite numbers that are less than 20?

The composite numbers that are between 1 and 20 inclusive are: 4 6 8 9 10 12 14 15 16 18 20 This is a total of eleven composite numbers equal to 20 and below.

What 3 composite number equal 100?

There are no three composite numbers whose product is 100. There is a huge number of composite numbers whose sum is 100 - far more than I am prepared to list. 20 + 30 + 50 is one example.

Is the union of the set of prime numbers and the set of composite numbers equal to the set of counting numbers?

No. One, a counting number, doesn't belong to either of those sets.

What prime numbers equal 120?

120 is not a prime and no prime numbers equal a composite (ie non-prime).

Why should all the numbers be prime or composite?

Not all numbers are either prime or composite. The number 1/2 is neither prime nor composite. If you are referring only to the natural or counting numbers, note that every natural number is equal to the product of itself and 1 so each number has at least one divisor, itself. If it has no more divisors, then it is prime. If it has more than itself as a divisor, then it is composite.

Is 253 a composite number?

253 is a composite number. It is equal to 11 x 23.

Is 1331 a composite number?

1331 is a composite number. It is equal to 11 x 11 x 11, or 113.

What composite number is equal to the product of the first four prime numbers?

The first four prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, and 7. The product of these numbers is 210.

What numbers between twelve and fifteen are equal to twelve?

The number 12.

Why 85 a composite number?

85 is a composite number because a number can equal it: 5 x 17 = 85

What numbers are not prime or composite?

The integers less than or equal to 1 and any numbers which are not integers.

What is a prime 13 91 37 101?

Of the numbers in your question, three are prime, and one is composite. The three prime numbers are 13, 37, and 101, and the composite number is 91. 91 is equal to 13 x 7.

What is a composite numbers that will divide in to equal weights?

there are lots of them, 4 is one.

How many even composite numbers are less than or equal to 100?

49 of them.

How do you do prime and composite?

prime means that only two whole numbers can be multiplied together to equal that number like 7. only 7 * 1 can = 7 and only 5*1=5. composite numbers have at least two pairs of numbers that can equal it ex. 9 1*9=9 3*3=9

Is 1099 a prime number or a composite number?

1099 is composite. It is equal to 7x157.

A number for which sum of all its factors is equal to twice the number is called?

composite number

What 2 numbers between 1-20 equal a prime number?

23 and 29

Is 57 a prime or composite number?

composite. 57 divided by 3 is 19. (Any number in which all the digits add up to equal a number divisible by 3 is divisible by 3. 5+7=12 which is divisible by 3.) And since 57 is divisible by more numbers than just 1 and itself it is a composite number.57 is a composite number since it can be divided by 3.57/3 = 19Composite.

Why does to even numbers equal a odd number?

What! Even numbers never equal an odd number. Not ever!