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77 x $0.48 = $36.96

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Q: What is the cost of 77 yards of ribbon at 48 cent per yard?
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If a ribbon cost 35 cents a yard how much is 2.5 yards cost?

88.5 cents

One yard of ribbon cost 0.49 and 3 yards of ribbon cost 1.46 which has the lower unit price?

1 yard cost 0.49 so the unit cost is 0.49 per yard. 3 yards cost 1.46 so the unit cost is 1.46/3 = 0.4866.. per yard So the second has the lower unit price.

4 yards of ribbon for 69 cents a yard or 5 yards of ribbon for 3.25?

The 5-yard price is a better deal.

A roll of ribbon 120 feet is how many yards?

there are 3 feet in a yard so 120 feet equals 40 yards.

Jane had 16 yards of ribbon she made pieces of ribbon that were 25 yard long how many pieces did she make?

If you have 16 yards you can't make a 25 yard long piece. I think you meant how many 25 FEET long pieces. There are 3 feet in one yard. Figure it out.

The cheerleaders want to make spirit ribbons Each ribbon will be one-sixth of a yard long They need two hundred fifty ribbons How much ribbon should they buy?

If they need 250 ribbons, and are making 6 ribbon per yard (36" in a yard divided by 1/6th = 6") then they need 41.666 yards of ribbon. Or....I'd get 42 yards for extra or 126 feet if it comes by the foot.

What is the cost of 2 yards of concrete?

double the cost of 1 yard, and twice as less 4 yards...haha

If 6 inches of decorative ribbon cost 3.25 how much does one yard cost?


15 yards of ribbon for gift boxes each box gets the same amount of ribbon how much will 20 gift boxes get?

27 inches. 15 yards / 20 boxes = 3/4 yard per box 36 inches in a yard * 3/4 = 27

How many yards are in 723 yards?

723 yards. A yard is a yard.

Does 3 yards equal 1 cubic yard?

No. A yard is a measure of distance. A cubic yard is a measure of volume. They do not equate. ----------- Answer 2: ----------- No, but some people (including some people who sell soil products) refer to cubic yards as yards (for example: "3 yards of compost will cost you 120$" or "The compost is 40$ per yard.").

Velvet ribbon costs 1.25 per yard and regular ribbon costs 0.60 per yard. Beri is purchasing the same amount of ribbon in order to make hairbows for her volleyball team. In total before tax Beri spend?

1.85*Y units of currency where Y is the length of either fabric, in yards.

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