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Tangent (theta) is defined as sine (theta) divided by cosine (theta). In a right triangle, it is also defined as opposite (Y) divided by adjacent (X).

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Q: What is the definition of a tangent function?
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Is the tangent function periodic?

Yes, the tangent function is periodic.

Is tangent an even function?


What is the tangent ratio for angle?

In a right angled triangle, it is the ratio of the lengths of the side opposite to the angle and the side adjacent to the angle.Of course, this definition restricts the function to (0, 90) degrees whereas the tangent function is defined for all real numbers.

What is the reciprocal of a tangent?

It is the cotangent function.

What is arc tg?

It is probably arctan or arc tangent, the inverse of the tangent function.

What do the asymptotes represent when you graph the tangent function?

When you graph a tangent function, the asymptotes represent x values 90 and 270.

What is the function which outputs an angle when a tangent value is input?

The inverse tangent, also called the arc-tangent.

Is tangent and a circle can have exactly one point in common?

From the definition of tangent, it can ONLY have one point in common called the tangent point.

The definition of external tanget?

An external tangent is a line that is tangent to both circles but does not pass between them.

What is a function whose graph has one or more breaks?

The tan [tangent] function.When a function has two or more brakes, this is not a continuous function, but it can be a continuous function in some intervals such as the tangent does.

What is the definition of the tangent ratio for a right triangle?

The tangent ratio for a right angle triangle is opposite/adjacent.

Why does the tangent of a particular angle always have the same value?

Because the tangent is a function of with the angle as its argument.

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