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Q: What is the definition of tessellation vertex mean?
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What is a tessellation vertex?

I don't know what a tessellation vertex is but I will try to Answer it I think it means the endpoint of a vertex which is also called vertices,which is the pointy ends of the vertex.

What is the sum of the angles at any vertex in a tessellation?

It is 360 degrees.

What is the angle sum around a vertex in a tessellation?

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How many regular hexagons meet a vertex to form a regular tessellation?


How many regular hexagons meet at a vertex to form a regular tessellation?


How do you name a tessellation?

Tessellations are named based on the number of polygons located at a vertex. For example: A regular tessellation, made from only triangles is named 3.3.3

Does a semi-regular tessellation have a vertex of 360 degress?

Yes. Regular or irregular, the angles at vertices must sum to 360 deg otherwise you will have gaps in the tessellation.

Can a 12-gon be used to make a tessellation of the plane?

No. You would need 2.4 such shapes to meet at each vertex and since 0.4 of a 12-gon is impossible, so is the tessellation.

Why doesn't a semi regular tessellation with vertex configuration 346 work?

The question cannot be answered because it is based on the incorrect assertion that a semi-regular tessellation does not work. Sorry, but it does work!

In a tessellation the angles of the regular polygons around a given vertex what do they always add up to?

They add to 360 degrees.

Why does a tessellation have to add up to 360 degrees?

The angles at any point is space add to 360 degrees. So, at any vertex in a tessellation, the angles of the vertices meeting there must sum to 360 degrees.

What is the definition for vertex in math?

It is the lines of a cube or a figure...... * * * * * No, a vertex is where they meet!