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Density = 1.587 g/cm3

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Q: What is the density of a block that has the mass of 14.6 grams and a volume of 9.2centimeters cubed?
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What is the density of a block that's mass is 45 g and its volume is 9 cm cubed?


What is the density of a block of wood with a mass of 50g and a volume of 210 cm cubed?

Density = Mass/Volume = 50/210 g/cm3 = 0.2381 g/cm3

Describe how you would determine the density of a block that measures 3cmX3cmX3cm?

Density is essentially mass/volume. Therefore, you would first calculate the volume of the block by doing 3X3X3, which is 27cm cubed. Then, you would find the mass by weighing it. There are many units of density--the SI unit is Kg/m3 . You would have to convert your mass and 27cm cubed into Kg and meters cubed.

What is the formula for density of a object using mass and volume cubed?

Density = Mass/VolumeVolume is not cubed, although the units in which volume is expressedmay be cubed units.

What is the density of a block of wood that has a volume of 50 ml and a mass of 100 g?

Mass over Volume, M/VAnswer: 2g/ml cubed

How do you get mass with volume and density?

density = mass/volume volume = mass/density mass = density x volume Ex: V=40m cubed M=300g D=a M/V 300/40 = 7.5g _______ m cubed or D= 7.5 grams per meter cubed

What is the density OS and object with a mass of 5.3 g and a volume of 2.1 cm cubed?

the density=mass/volume, so the density is 5.23 g/cm cubed

Is density centimeter's cubed?

density is the amount of material or mass in a certain volume... cm cubed is a we need to know the mass of the thing to be measured and then we have to divide that by its volume to determine it density.

What is The mass of 5.42 cm cubed of platinum if the density is 22.5 cm cubed?

The density must be 22.5 GRAMS per cm cubed, not 22.5 cm cubed. Then, Density = Mass/Volume implies Mass = Density*Volume = 22.5 * 5.42 = 121.95 grams.

What is the mass if the volume is 25cm cubed?

You would have to know the density also. Mass = volume X density

What is the mass of gold if it has a volume of 10cm cubed and its density was 19.3g cm cubed?


What is the density of a 25g piece of metal that has a volume of 10 cm cubed?

density = mass/volume,so the density of your metal is:25/10 = 2.5g/cm3 (grams per cm cubed)

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