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A parallelogram has two diagonals the same as all 4 sided quadrilaterals

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Q: What is the diagonal of a parallelogram?
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In a parallelogram a diagonal separates the parallelogram into?

two congruent triangles

How is the diagonal in parallelogram formed?

a squished rectangle

Do parallelograms have diagonal sides?

A parallelogram is anything from a square to a rectangle. As long as it has parallel sides, then it is a parallelogram. If you're thinking of a rhombus, then it has diagonal sides.

Are all parallelogram have diagonal of equal length?

No. Most do not.

How do you calculate the diagonal of the parallelogram?

If you know the answer please tell me.

A diagonal separates the parallelogram into?

into two same triangles

In a parallelogram a diagonal separates the parallelogram into what?

Two congruent triangles.. To prove it, use the SSS Postulate.

Why parallelogram has no lines of symmetry?

If you draw a diagonal line from corner to corner of a parallelogram, that is a line of symmetry.

Does The diagonal of a parallelogram create alternate interior angles?


E is the midpoint of ab and db is a diagonal of parallelogram abcd what is the ratio of areas of triangle Ξ”abd to parallelogram abcd?

Either diagonal of a parallelogram divides the parallelogram into two triangles of equal areas. Thus area of triangle abd = half that of the parallelogram abcd. The required ratio is 1 / 2.

If one diagonal of a quadrilateral bisects the other when is the quadrilateral a parallelogram?

In this case, the quadrilateral is sometimes a parallelogram.

How do you figure out the area of a diamond?

Do exactly the same thing for a rhombus or a parallelogram A = base x height (parallelogram) OR A = 1/2 x diagonal 1 x diagonal 2

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