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lap length is the inside dimension of a pool whereas the Development length is the dimension of the hole required to build the pool.

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Q: What is the difeerence between development length and lap length?
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What is the difference between lap splice length and development length for rebars?

The difference between the two is in the application. A development length is the amount of rebar length that is needed to be embedded or projected into concrete to create a desired bond strength between the two materials. The lap splice length is the length two rebar pieces must overlap and be tied together to create a bond as if there was no break and the run is "continuous". So simply put, development is rebar to concrete, splice is rebar to rebar. The lengths of both splice and development do vary. They are dependent upon different factors. These include but are not limited to concrete strength, rebar size, rebar coating and concrete cover or clearance. So when you see a chart on one project, it can differ from another for these reasons.

What is splice length of bar?

lap length in tension including anchorage value of hooks in flexural tension shall be greater of development length or 30 times dia of bar. In compression, its equal to development length. In general, 50 times dia is provided.

What is the difference between a length and a lap in a pool?

Nothing really, to swim the length of the pool is to do one lap. To swim 2 lengths is to swim two laps, so on and so forth.

What is the length of a lap in a footrace?

The length of a lap in a footrace is 400 meters. I should know I run it.

Is a lap one length of a pool?

no a lap is down and back

What is lap length in reinforcement?


What is Development length for steel bars?

Lap length is the length overlap of bars tied to extend the reinforcement length.. Lap length about 50 times the diameter of the bar is considered safe. Laps of neighboring bar lengths should be staggered and should not be provided at one level/line. At one cross section, a maximum of 50% bars should be lapped.In case, required lap length is not available at junction because of space and other constraints, bars can be joined with couplers or welded (with correct choice of method of welding).

What is lap length for welding in reinforced bar?

The lap length for welding a reinforced bar will depend on the size of the bar that is being welded. If the bars are different diameters when lapped, the lap length should be calculated using the lesser diameter.

How any laps are in one mile?

The answer depends on the length of a lap: a lap of a running track will be considerably larger than a lap of a swimming pool!

What is lap length of M20 concrete?

my big hole

What is the formula for lap length of reinforcement?

0.25l, 0.3l

How many laps swimming is 1000 meters?

1000m / length of lap in metres = number of laps. You need to specify the lap length. If, for example the length is 25m, then 1000/25 = 40 laps.

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