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A graph and stem is different to a leaf plot because in a leaf plot, there is a stem and leaf in a plot, while in a graph and stem, there is a leaf and stem in a graph.

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Q: What is the difference between a graph and stem and leaf plot?
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Is a stem and leaf plot a graph?

A stem and leaf plot is not a graph, but it is a table. You can turn it into a graph, a histogram, but it is simply a table that organizes your numbers.

What's the difference between a line plot and a line graph?

A line plot is just a graph with points and a line graph the points are connected.

What is a good idea to do a stem and leaf plot on?

paper for a graph to graph it

What is the difference between bode plot and root locus?

In Root locus we plot graph on Graph Paper. In Bode plot we plot graph on Semi log Paper.

What type of graph does a stem and leaf plot represent when turned vertically?

A crude bar graph.

What are some ways to display quantitative data graphically?

bar graph circle graph scatter plot box and whisker stem and leaf plot ven diagram. Line graph

What can you see on a stem and leaf plot that you cant see on a bar graph?

in a stem and leaf plot you can See the numbers in order from least to greatest but in bar graph you only see the number. Also I'm in 6 Th grade.

What graph would be best to use mean median and mode?

a stem and leaf plot

How do you make a table of values for a graph?

It's like a stem and leaf plot, but instead of stem and leaf, use X and Y values.

What type of graph would best show high and low temperatures for a week?


What is the graph used to organize and display data so that the frequencies can be compared called?

stem and leaf plot

What is the purpose of a stem and leaf plot?

to simply organise your numbers.ajm If you can make a histogram, a dotplot, or even a boxplot; there is no reason to do a steam and leaf plot. It's the worst graph. With a stem and leaf graph, you can see the distribution of data points, and determine whether it's normal distribution or not. As mentioned above, there are better graphs for doing that, though.