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a stem and leaf plot

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Q: What graph would be best to use mean median and mode?
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How does the median affect the graph of a normal distribution?

A normal distribution is symmetrical; the mean, median and mode are all the same, on the line of symmetry (middle) of the graph.

What does a mean median and mode in a graph?

They are values of the variable which may be determined from some graphs.

What would happen if the highest number were increased what would be the effect on the median and mean?

The median would not change, but the mean would increase.

Which measure would best to use in determining how much money customers usually spend a. range b mode c. median d. mean?

The median.

What is a landmark in math?

Like, it shows a stat in a graph or group of things such as: the Median, range, Mode, Max, Min, Mean.

What is unimodel?

Unimodal is having a normal disturbution. The mean, median, and mode are all a the center. When looking at a graph, there is one maximum.

What is the shape of a distribution when the mean and the median are about the same value?

That would provide some evidence that the distribution is symmetric about the mean (or median).

How do mean deviation from median?

The mean deviation from the median is equal to the mean minus the median.

Would you use mean median or mode to grade things?


What is a positively skewed distribution?

A positively skewed or right skewed distribution means that the mean of the data falls to the right of the median. Picturewise, most of the frequency would occur to the left of the graph.

What is the name of a line on a graph?

you mean line of best fit?

How would the outlier affect the mean and median of the data?

An outlier will pull the mean and median towards itself. The extent to which the mean is affected will depend on the number of observations as well as the magnitude of the outlier. The median will change by a half-step.

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