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normal variable stores a value of the given datatype where

as the pointer variable stores the address of a variable.

for example int n=10;

int *p;


here p is a pointer variable and n is a normal

variable.p stores the address of n where as n stores an

integer value.

*p prints the value of n,p prints the address

of n.

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Q: What is the difference between pointer variable and simple variable What are the advantages of pointer variable?
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What difference between a pointer variable and a pointer constant?

The former is variable, the latter is constant.

What is the difference between pointers and structure?

A pointer is a variable. A structure is a type.

How accessing a pointer an a variable differs?

Pointer-variables are variables, so there is no difference.

Difference between pointer and array?

pointer is use to hold address of another variable whereas array is a collection of elements of similar datatype

What is the difference between structure and pointer?

difference between pointer or structure

What is the Difference between stack and stack pointer?

The stack is a memory structure where your programs can store data. The stack pointer is the variable that "points" to the current location of the top of the stack.

What is pointer of pointer?

pointer is the variable that holds the address of another variable

What is the difference between a null pointer and a null macro?

A null pointer is a pointer variable with the value 0. A null macro is a macro that defines the NULL symbol (typically 0L on a 32-bit system).

What does pointer to pointer finger mean?

Pointer is simply a variable that stores the memory address of another variable. Pointer to pointer means double pointer ,pointer that points to another pointer variable.

What is the different between structure and pointer?

difference between pointer or structure

What is the difference between reference and pointers?

Well, the pointer is a type of variables that stores an address in the Memory.the reference is the address itself of a variable.

Define pointer in C?

Pointer is a variable, A variable that stores the address of another variable. Size of a pointer is 2 bytes.

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