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(100,000 meters/hour) x (0.13 second) / (3,600 seconds / hour) = 3.6111 meters (rounded, repeating)

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Q: What is the distance of car with a velocity of 100 kilometers per hour after 0.13 seconds?
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What is the displacement of a car with a velocity of 100 kilometers per hour after 0.13 seconds?

3.61 meters

How do you get velocity when time in seconds is 0.1 and distance is 8?

velocity=distance/time for uniform velocity. You need units for both the time and the distance to get a correct answer. Example: the speed limit is 65 miles/hour

What is the acceleration of a car that increases its velocity from 0to100 kilometers per hour in ten seconds?

10000 m/s2.

What is the acceleration of a car that maintains a constant velocity of 100 kilometers per hour for 10 seconds?

The answer is very simple. The words "constant velocity" are the definition of zero acceleration.

Velocity is expressed in what type of unit?

Usually meters/second, but it could be miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Essentially velocity is speed and is measured in unit distance per unit time.

How many kilometers can you drive in an hour?

Assuming you're driving in a constant direction, then whatever your speed/velocity is in km/hr is your distance

How long would it take to run 12 km if you are running at 9.2 km per hour?

As Velocity = Distance ÷ Time, then Time = Distance ÷ Velocity. The time taken for the run = 12 ÷ 9.2 = 1.304 hours (or 1 hour 18 minutes 16 seconds)

4.5 meters in 9 seconds how fast in kilometers per hour?

4.5 meters in 9 seconds is 1.8 kilometers per hour.

What is the velocity of a person walking 6.9 meters south in 3 seconds?

Just divide the distance by the time. The answer is in meters/second. If you want to convert that to the more commonly used kilometers/hour, multiply the number of meters/second by 3.6.

What is the formula how to get the velocity?

Velocity is basically speed. Take the distance traveled and divide by the time. (Distance/Time).common units are:Miles per Hour (MPH)Meters per second (m/s)Kilometers per hour (KPH)feet per second (fps)

Is 80 kilometers per hour velocity?

Yes. If you divide a distance by a time, you get a speed or a velocity. Actually, in physics this would be called a speed; a velocity would also include a direction. But in popular language, "speed" and "velocity" are used interchangeably.

What is 70 meters in 5 seconds converted to kilometers per hour?

70 meters in five seconds equates to 50.4 kilometers per hour.

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