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The exponent is 2 - from the SECOND power.

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Q: What is the exponent to 7 to the second power?
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What is the exponent of 49?

7 to the second power

What is the exponent for nine to the second power?

The exponent is TWO.

What is 7 to the sixth power in exponent form?

7 to the sixth power in exponent form is 76

Identify the base and exponent 7 base to the 3 power?

The base is 7 and the exponent is 3.

Identify the base and exponent -7 base to the 12 power?

Base -7 Exponent 12

What is the base of 8 to the power of 7?

The base is 8, the exponent is 7.

What is the exponent in 10 to the 5 power?

Power = 5 = exponent. That is, exponent = 5.

Are Exponent and power are they same?

Yes they are the same thing, they are just called different things when used in sentences. for example 5 squared would be to the second power and the exponent would be 2.

Why is a negative exponent minus a positive exponent a negative exponent?

when you're doing a problem like that use this trick. let's say you have 3 to the -7 power minus 3 to the 4 power. -7 - 4 can also be shown as -7 + -4. i switched the minus sign to a plus sign and because i did that, i had to switch the positive 4 to a negative 4. so i got 3 to the -7 power plus 3 to the -4 power.

What is 4.3 times 10 to the power of 7 in scientific notation?

the answer is 430,000,000 if the exponent is positive ;)

What is the exponent in two to the fifth power?

The exponent is five.

What does one eighth to the second exponent equal?

That means the entire fraction, both numerator and denominator were separately taken into the second exponent (2) 1 to the power of 2 is 1. (1x1) 8 to the power of 2 is 64 (8x8) .: your answer is one over 64. (1/64)

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