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Q: What is the factoring of 10x plus 5xx divided by xx-4?
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14-2X equals 3X plus 11 what is X?

A Letter.14-2x=3x+113-2x=3x3=5xX=0.6

What is -0.5x2 plus 2x plus 10?

Doesn't factor evenly, use quadratic -.5xx+2x+10 -.5(xx-4x-20) No factors of -20 add up to -4

How do you factor 5xx minus 15x?

It is: 5x(x-3)

32 sw ctge on the side of the barrel and harrison and richardson arms on the top of the barrel it is nichol plated auto eject 6 shot with 5xx marked on the cylinder can you tell the age?

Turn of the century plus a decade or so.

Factor 5x2 plus 14x - 3?

5x2+14x-3 -15. 15*-15x2-x+15x-3[5xx x] [3*5x 3]x(5x-1)+3(5x-3)Answer: (5x-1)(x+3)

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Factor 25x2 plus 30x plus 9?

25x2+30x+9 25*9=225 15*15=225 15+15=3025x2+15x+15x+9[5*5xx 3*5x] [3*5x 3*3]5x(5x+3)+3(5x+3)(5x+3)(5x+3)Answer: (5x+3)2

What is the constant of this expression 5-4x plus x-3?

5-4x=x-35-4x+4x=x-3+4x (adding 4x on both side)5=5x-35+3=5x-3+3 (adding 3 on both side)8=5xx=8/5

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How do you factor completely 14 plus 6x-x2?


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