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Of course that will depend on what kiln you are using. This is a tested schedule used in Paragon kilns.

Casting 2" thick slab:

1) 50°/ hour to 1150° & hold for 45 minutes

2) 50°/ hour to 1200° & hold for 2 hours

3) 50°/ hour to 1250° & hold for 3 hours

4) 50°/ hour to 1350° & hold for 2 hours

5) 100°/ hour to 1450° & hold for 1 hour

6) 100°/ hour to 1550° & hold for 40 minutes

7) 9999 to 900° & hold for ten hours

8) 4°/ hour to 800° & hold for 2 minutes

9) 8°/ hour to 700° & hold for 2 minutes

10) 26°/ hour to 350° & hold for 2 minutes (in cold weather make it 200°)

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Q: What is the firing schedule for casting thick glass slabs?
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