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12 + 7 - 2

12 + 7 = 19

19 - 2 = 17


7 - 2 = 5

5 + 12 = 17

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Q: What is the first step in evaluating the expression 12 plus 7-2?
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What is the first step for simplifying the expression?

First tell me the expression, then I'll tell you what the first step is in simplifying it.

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while (expression) statementdo statement while (expression)In the first form, expression is evaluated. If true, statement is executed and the loop repeats from the evaluation step. In the second form, statement is executed and then expression is evaluated. If true, the loop repeats from the statement step.

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Consider consequences.

Which step must be done first to simplify this expression 19-3 5-4 plus 1?

To put a plus or minus sign with the digit 5

What does it you to evaluate an algebraic expression?

To evaluate an algebraic expression means to simplify the expression as much as possible by replacing the variables in an expression with the numerical values given to you.Ex:Example of Evaluating an Algebraic ExpressionTo evaluate the algebraic expression '4.5 + x' for x = 3.2, we need to replace x with 3.2 and then add. 4.5 + x = 4.5 + 3.2=7.7Solved Example on Evaluating an Algebraic ExpressionEvaluate the algebraic expression p + 3q + 2p - 3q, for p = 2 and q = - 5.Choices:A. 12B. 18C. 3D. 6Correct Answer: DSolution:Step 1: p + 3q + 2p - 3q [Original expression.]Step 2: = (p + 2p) + (3q - 3q) [Group the like terms together.]Step 3: = 3p [Solve within the grouping symbols.]Step 4: = 3 x 2 [Substitute 2 for p.]Step 5: = 6 [Multiply.]

When dividing by monomial's what is the first step to take to simplify the expression?

blow me

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the molecule of mRNA

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What is -4 to the -2nd power?


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First you have to solve the subtraction and in the next step you will factor it out.

The first step in reducing a rational expression is to both the numerator and denominator?


How do you evaluate expression 43 plus 68 plus 57 and justify with each step?

do 43+57 which is 100 then do 100+68 which is 168 the answer is 168

Which is a step on properly evaluating health risks?

Consider consequences

How do you evaluate 6-7 plus 5?

There are two steps to the process: Step-1: Subtract 7 from 6. The answer to this step is -1. Remember that as you proceed to the next step. Now, go on to the next step. Step-2: Take the -1 from the first step, and add 5 to it. The new result is then +4 . The +4 that you have now is the value of the entire original expression.

Which options could be the next step in simplifying this expression?

I suggest that the next step should be identifying "this" expression.

What is the last step in solving a scientific problem?

The last step of the scientific method is evaluating and discussing the results.

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Sometimes you have to take one step backwards to to take two steps forward

How do you simplify this 4 over x plus 2 plus 6 over x plus 5?

Assume the expression is:4/(x + 2) + 6/(x + 5)Simplify this expression by combining the expressions altogether. Let's go step by step.Step 1: Determine the LCD of the expression.The LCD of the expression is (x + 2)(x + 5). Multiply the top and bottom of each fractional expression by whatever factor the denominator is missing!4/(x + 2) * (x + 5)/(x + 5) + 6/(x + 5) * (x + 2)/(x + 2)Step 2: Combine the expression and simplify.(4(x + 5) + 6(x + 2))/((x + 2)(x + 5))= (4x + 20 + 6x + 12)/((x + 2)(x + 5))= (10x + 32)/((x + 2)(x + 5))

In which step would you quantify risk cost and time?

Evaluating alternatives

What is the first step in simplifying an expression add sutract multiply or divide first?

Its bodmasbrackets offdivisionmultiplicationadditionsubtraction

How do you work out sums?

Step by step and following the mathematical instructions as given by the expression.

What is the first step in solving the equation 7q plus 9 equals 3?

the first step in solving the equation is to subtract the nine from the three. you will get negative 6.

How is transcription different from translation?

-translation is the process in which cellular ribosomes creates protiens. -transcription is the first step of gene expression.

How do you simplify 14e plus 10f 12f?

If 14e + 10f = 12f, the first step towards simplifying the expression is subtracting 10f from each side. You therefore have 14e = 2f, which you can divide by 2 to isolate f. Solution: 7e = f

An expression that contains at least one variable is called an algebraic expression?

it is a one-step equation