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Factor out the Greatest Common Factor.

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Q: What is the first thing you do when factoring an expression?
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What is factoring by grouping?

Factoring by grouping is factoring by splitting an expression into two pairs of terms and factoring separately. This is generally used when you have four terms and nothing to factor out of all of them.

What is the process of factoring terms and numbers in an expression?


What is the answer to the question 'what is factoring'?

Factoring is breaking down an expression into two or more simpler expressions. When you are factoring, you must simply the numbers and variables until they cannot be broken down any further.

When you write an algebraic expression as a product of its factors what is the process called?

That is called "factoring".

The process of writing a number algrebraic expression as a product?

what is the process of writing a expression as a product? is it Factoring, Quadractic equation, perfect Square trinomial or difference of two squares

How many threes are in a model for Factoring expression?

actor a GCF from the expression, if possible. Factor a Trinomial, if possible. Factor a Difference Between Two Squares as many times as possible.

Simplify this rational expression 12x plus 36 divide by 48x?

The expression (12x + 36)/48x can be simplified by factoring out 12/12 from the expressions. This leaves (x + 3)/4x.

Is there such thing as expression -x?

-x is not considered to be an expression.

How do you finish factoring this expression 2xsquared plus 3x plus 8x plus 12?

(x + 4)(2x + 3)

What are the kinds of factor?

factoring whole numbers,factoring out the greatest common factor,factoring trinomials,factoring the difference of two squares,factoring the sum or difference of two cubes,factoring by grouping.

How do you solve 6y3 plus 8y2-15y-20 by factoring?

6y3 + 8y2 - 15y - 20 is an expression, not an equation (or inequality). An expression cannot be solved.The expression factorises to (3y + 4)*(2y2 - 5)

Factoring this expression as difference of squares c2-6cd plus 9d2-4?

(c - 3d - 2)(c - 3d + 2)

Factoring this expression as difference of squares c-6cd plus 9d-4?

(c - 3d - 2)(c - 3d + 2)

What is meant by factor?

As a noun, a factor is a number or algebraic expression by which another is exactly divisible. As a verb, factoring is a process of breaking down a number or algebraic expression into smaller component parts.

Is an expression considered an object?

Yes, because an expression is either a person place or thing and in this case, it is a thing or an object.

What is the meaning of courteous expression?

A courteous expression is a polite thing to say.

What is the antonym of algebraic expression?

There is no official antonym for algebraic expression. The only thing that is the opposite of an algebraic expression is something that is not an algebraic expression.

Which expression represents the factored form of nine x squared minus thirtysix?

You can use the formula for factoring the difference of two squares in this case.

What is the first thing you should look for when factoring?

Is the coefficient of the square a prime number? eg if the equation begins 3a2 then the factors must be (3a +/- x)(a +/- y)

What expression or terms that mean is subtruction?

There is no expression or term because there is no such thing as subtruction.

What was the definition of factoring the expression?

"Factoring" something means that you look for expressions which, when multiplied together, result in the given expression. Thus, for example for numbers, if you are asked to factor 52 you can say that the answer is 2 x 2 x 13 (these factors, multiplied together, are equal to 52; on the other hand, they can't be further factored into smaller factors, at least, not with whole numbers). Similarly with an expression; if you are given x squared minus 1, you can factor it as (x + 1)(x - 1), since the two factors, when multiplied together, give you the original expression.

What is the first step in factoring?

Recognize whether the number is odd or even.

What licencing is required for factoring business in the us?

The licensing that is required for factoring business in the US is the factoring license.

Would you factor x squared minus x plus 9 by factoring?

The discriminant of this quadratic expression is less than zero therefore it cannot be factored.

What strategies is appropriate for factoring polynomials with 4 terms?

A strategy that would be appropriate in factoring polynomials with 4 terms would be by grouping where you first determine if the polynomial can be factored by a group.