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length times width

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Q: What is the formula for computing the volume of paint to be used for a given area?
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What is the chemical formula of paint?

there is no chemichal formula for paint. it is a solution (homogeneous mixture)

How much paint does a can of paint hold?

Depends on the volume of the can.

If a can of paint is 0.3 m high and has a 0.5m circumference what is the volume?

Work out its radius by 0.5/2*pi and use the volume formula: pi*radius^2*height. It should work out to about 0.006 cubic m.

What is the Bitumen paint formula?


What is the formula for heat resistant paint?

formula of heat resistant paint depend on which type of resin are you used...resin is most important part of this heat resistant paint.

Which A cylindrical paint can has a diameter of 12 centimeters and a height of 16 centimeters Which is closest to the volume of the paint can in cubic centimeters?

A cylindrical paint can has a diameter of 12 centimeters and a height of 16 centimeters. Which isclosestto the volume of the paint can in cubic centimeters?

How do you solve this problem The time required to paint a cube of volume V is t hours Therefore the time required to paint a cube of volume 8V is?


What is the area of the surfaces of a three-dimensional figure called?

Its called the surface area, not volume. Volume is inside. You want the outside, like if you wanted to paint it (instead of fill it up). For each 3-D object, there will be a different formula, so I can't help you there. :P

What is the manufacturing formula of paint thinner?


What is the volume of a Gallon of paint?

1 gallon

What is the chemical formula of paint thinner?

Paint thinner is primarily a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons.

How do you work out the volume of a cylindrical can of paint if you know the radius and height?

Volume = pi*radius2*height

How do you make cream paint darker?

You would have to add a darker color, or take it to a paint store and have them add colorant. Trying to change paint from its original mixed formula is not a good idea. All paint brands require different formula's for the same colors. So if you were to try and change a color from its original formula by adding a different color of paint, it would be impossible to match the new color if you were to run out before finishing.

What is the molecular formula of paint?

It is an extremely complex mixture

If one gallon of paint has a volume of approximately 4000cm3 what is the maximum number of whole gallons of paint that can be poured into bucket?


Is there a formula to figure dry paint mil thickness if you have the percent solids of the paint?

It depends on the application process and what are you painting. Mils can vary based on how you apply the paint and with what applicator. It is not based on the solids percentage. This may create a variable that cannot be included in a fixed formula. To measure paint that is already dry you can use a mil gauge. For more info on applying paint go to the appended website. (Added) That's correct when you have only the percentage solids by weight, however when you apply the paint correctly, at the wet mil thickness specified by the manufacturer, you can figure the dry mil thickness by multiplying the wet mil thickness (often 4 mils for ordinary house paint) and the percent solids by volume of the paint. To measure the wet paint thickness, which you should do while applying to ensure that it is being applied at the correct thickness, use a wet mil gauge. For example, 4 mils with a paint that is 25% solids by volume will dry down to 1 mil thickness. A high build elastomeric coating applied at 10 mils at the same 25% solids will dry down to 2.5 mils.

If one gallon of paint has a volume of approximately 4000 cm3 what is the maximum number of whole gallons of paint that can be poured into the bucket?


What formulas do you need to paint a wall and to place a border?

volume and distance

What paint manufacturer makes paint to match James hardy color sail cloth?

Ben Moore does, they have the exact formula for it.

What is the Average cost to paint ceiling?

No meaningful answer can be given, it would depend on the size of the ceiling and the type of paint required.

What is the name given to artists who paint and draw pictures?


What is the significance of bulk density?

paint industry is the only industry where all the calculations while preparation are carried out in terms of mass units i.e. in Kgs but products are sold in volume units i.e. in liters. Therefore materials for formulations of paint should be of low bulk density should have more volume and less mass so that paint formulator will get profit by increasing volume and reducing weight.Thus from bulk density he can predict which material is profitable for paint formulation.Less is the bulk density more is the profit for formulator.

How long did it take Lucian Freud to paint the queen?

He has not given that information.

Can you use latex paint over oil base kilz?

Yes, but be sure the kilz is completely dry before applying the paint. The Kilz formula is such that it has no effect on the application of water borne paint, when it is completely dry.

How many points are given when shot from inside the paint in basketball?

2 Points