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The formula for measuring the area of a square is s2, where s is the length of one of the sides. The perimeter would be 4s.

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Q: What is the formula for measuring area within a given perimeter such as a square?
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What is the difference between perimeter and area of polygon?

perimeter is the measure around the figure; area is the measure within the figure formula: perimeter: length+length+width+width=perimeter (for square or rectangle) area: length times width= area ( for square or rectangle)

Why does Shape take precedence over Perimeter length when deciding the formula for Area within the Perimeter?


What is the formula to determine the number of triangles within a square?

What is the formula to determine the number of triangles in a given square of forty-four triangles?

Why is perimeter measured in linear units?

Perimeter is measured in Linear Units because it is Measurement of The Outline or Path of a given shape or area; a Perimeter is NOT the Measurement of What is Inside that Outline/Path. It is a One-Dimensional measurement, which MEANS it is a Linear Unit Measurement, such as Feet or Meters.Alternatively, a Two-Dimensional Measurement, is the Square of a Linear Unit -- like AREA is a Two-Dimensional Measurement and therefore Measured in Linear Units Squared (i.e. meters2/Square Meters or feet2/Square Feet). Area is the Measurement of What is Contained within a given Perimeter.

Where are the chloroplasts located within the elodea cell-toward the perimeter or centrally located?

The chloroplasts are located towards the perimeter of the elodea cell.

What is perimeter and area?

area is the inside of a shape and the perimeter is the outside of an shape

What do perimeter and area have in common?

One thing that area and perimeter have in common are that they both are measurements of a shape while perimeter is the distance around and area is the measurement of space within the object or space.

What is the relationship between the perimeter and area when area is fixed?

For a fixed area, the perimeter is minimum for a circle, but has no maximum. Fractal figures (such as Koch snowflake) may have a finite area within an infinite perimeter.

What do you call a circle within the perimeter of another circle but they are not concentric?

Eccentric circles.

How do you check that the measuring equipment is within current calibration dates and that the instruments are correctly zeroed?

That depends on what type of measuring equipment.

Which type of server is usually located within an organization's perimeter netwrok?

Web server

How much a square is equal to?

This question is incomplete. There is no specific given information and/or the desired solution is indeterminate. However, the formula to calculate the area within a square is essentially the same as a rectangle. Area = l x w.

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