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4 & 9/10

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Q: What is the fracion of 4.9?
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What fracion is equal to 5 sevenths?


What is 3.75 as a fracion?


What is 8 1 3 as a fracion?


What is a number that can not be turned into a fracion?

there isnt one

What is the fracion for 0.8?

8/10 or 4/5

What is the improper fracion for 63 fifth?


What is 33.3 percent as a fracion?

33.3% = 333/1000

What is 0.028 as a fracion in simplest form?

It is: 0.028 = 7/250

What fracion of 1 kg is 1 gram?


What fraction of a dollar is 3 dimes what is the fracion?

3/10 of a dollar.

What fracion of a day is 7 hours?

25/7 (2/8)

What is the fracion of 0.12?

It is: 0.12 = 3/25 as a fraction in its lowest terms

What is a equivalent fracion for 5 tenths?

1/2 in its simplest form.

What is the line in a fracion called?

The solidus line separates the numerator from the denominator in a fraction.

What is 73.7 in a fracion?

73 and 7/10 737/10

What is3 over 9 as an equivalent fracion?

3/9 = 1/3

What is 3 over 4 as a fracion?


2.25 as a fracion in lowest terms?

2.25/1 = 225/100 = 9/4

What is fracion is greater 1-4 or 1-3?

I think 1/3 is greater than 1/4

What is the value of 8 in the number 24.387 in a fracion?

eight hundredths

1 out of 20 of 2.00pound is 10p is the fracion right and can it be a smaller fracrion?

Yes, it's right, no it can't.

Is the square root of 2.56 rational or irrational?

It is rational because its square root can be expressed as a fracion in the form of 8/5

Is 0.2 as a fracion two tenths?

Yes. 0.2 in a fraction form is equal to two tenths or one twentieth!

What fracion of 64 seconds is 56 seconds?

56/64 = 7/8

What is 21 over 4 simplified?

21/4 cannot be simplified. It can, however, be written as a mixed fracion as 51/4